• When: 2019-03-26
  • QIC: Splinter
  • The PAX: Heist, Corndog, Serena, Earwax, TomTom

See What Happened Was…

Legion is a challenging place of great suffering and darkness. YHC never has a bad time there though somehow. This workout was a doozy. One dude nearly lost his teeth (an F3 first?). Here’s what we did:

Conditions: 49 degrees and perfect

The Thang

Run from COT to the Target lot

Halfway point: 10 ssh, 4 burpees x4

From far left side of the parking lot:
Sprint to each horizontal line
Do an exercise
Repeat until you get to the opposite curb
(Exactly 255 meters and 12 sets of lines)

1. 5 hand release merkins at each line*
2. 5 catcher squats each line
3. 5 sit-ups each line
4. 4 jump lunges each line, 4 jump squats

*It was at this point that Corndog forgot about his face and the fact that he has teeth. In his valiant effort to attack the workout, said Pax somehow hit his front teeth on the pavement, hilarity ensued, he finished the workout. The rest is history. #TAP for Corndog’s front tooth.*

Run back to Legion
Halfway point: 10 ssh, 4 burpees x4

Run to get Blocks

Block DORA
Partner up
Partner 1: Farmers Carry 2 blocks 40yds to stop sign – do 5 Block Squat Thrusters, Farmers Carry back to start
Partner 2: does the exercise

200 Merkins
100 Squats
75 Iron Cross
50 Burpees

Have your buddy make sure you’re not dead.
Circle up for:
5 double block curls
10 block shrugs

Put up blocks, run back to COT
BOM: Splinter