• When: 
  • QIC: Gaston
  • The PAX: Furlough, Slumdog, Michelle, Wall-E, Pinkman, Collar, Gaston, Raster

Scramble Friday edition

8 pax put in work on a straightforward run up and back on Trenholm.  No turns, no brainpower needed.  Just run.  There was a little bit of mumble chatter as we started as the Scramble pax has gotten used to a Friday fast and flat 5k.  Today was right about 4 miles.  Fade to Black was originally scheduled to Q but got tied up out of town doing camera work for the Reality Winner (yes, that is her name) story in Augusta. Fade to Black informed YHC of his planned route and YHC was more than happy to put the route into action.

Conditions:  Perfect.

The Thang:

Out of Trenholm Plaza, right on Trenholm towards the police station, keep running until Sylvan Road at North Trenholm Baptist, turn around and head back to Trenholm Plaza.



Moleskin:  It was great to have Raster join us.  Hope to see you back soon.

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