• When: 05/30/17
  • QIC: Boris
  • The PAX: Renfro, Spool, Woddy, Termite, JB, MoonRiver, Nails, BigTime, BallBoy, Hustler

Score/Brickpile Combo Workout

Great morning at SCORE/Brickpile. We had 11 pax out working hard and having fun. Hope they got all they wanted in the workout this morning. I know Brickpile was very disappointed that Chaser missed his Q but we combined the groups. Even without Chaser he was still part of our workout. I took his Thursday Q at Thunder that I liked so much and brought it to Score/Brickpile I added exercises and increased the reps so we would be pushed for a full 45 minutes this morning.

Weather: Clear 72 degrees


SSH – 20 IC
Squats – 20 IC
Merkins – 15 IC
Big Boy Sit ups – 20 OYO
Shoulder Touches – 40 OYO

Partner up in teams of 2. Mossy over to the football field where cones are spaced out in the field.

Teams of 2

Partner 1 Sprints to each cone in the field and does 10 Big Boy Sit ups after doing last set at the last cone Partner 1 sprints back to the start line.

Partner 2 While Partner 1 is sprinting and doing Big Boy Sit-ups at each cone Partner 2 is doing a certain exercise until Partner 1 gets back. Once Partner 1 get back Partner 2 sprints to cones and does Big Boy Sit-ups at each cone and sprints back. Keep switching out until your team completes all the reps for each exercise in order.

Team Exercises
75 Burpees
200 Merkins
200 Squats
200 Step ups
200 Shoulder Touches
75 Burpees

BOM – Boris

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