• When: 2019-11-07
  • QIC: Sled
  • The PAX: BallBoy, OBC, Lumen, Seeker

Score stays on campus and gets some work done

Nice cool morning to be out in the gloom at Score with the 5 pax who resisted the fartsack to come out and get better.

Condition: 52 degrees

The Thang:

Mosey to get bricks, jog to the front of Dreher, put bricks down and circle up.


SSH x20 IC – stretching exercises

Captain Thor x10 OYO (1 Big Boy Situp followed by 4 Russian Twists)

Mountain Climber x20 IC

Freddie Mercury x20 IC

Take bricks on an island cruise and leave them at 3 spots along the way.

YHC then explains the brick circuit we will do.  While YHC is completing 20 curls for the girls with bricks, the rest of the pax will do flutters.

YHC will then jog to the next pair of bricks and do 20 tricep extensions while the second guy is doing 20 curls for the girls and the others are still doing flutters.

YHC then jogged to the next pair of bricks and did 20 alternating arm raises, and the other pax moved into the circuit.

YHC completed the circuit doing 20 raise the roof at the last pair of bricks, and then jogged back to the beginning to do flutters until all pax arrived back.

Everyone then took another island tour to pick up the bricks that had been left at the different stations.

Upon return, everyone did 20 gas pumpers, holding their bricks out to the side, IC

YHC then explained Blackjack:

Do 1 merkin at the speed bump in front of the school, and jog across the parking lot to the next speed bump and do 20 LBCs (for a total of 21 – Blackjack)

Run back and do 2 merkins, jog back and do 19 LBCs (Blackjack)

Continue until got to 20 merkins, and 1 LBC.

Return bricks and jog back for COT and BOM with Brickpile.

Really good effort by everyone with a very tough workout.  While the chatter has been saying YHC does not hate running, I strongly disagree.  We all need cardio, and I can handle short bursts of running, just not longer distances – like a mile or more 🙂