• When: 1/16/16
  • QIC: BigTIme
  • The PAX: Dean Wormer Nails Goose BigTIme

Score rocks the Tabata and keeps the HR up

4 Pax posted to an almost perfect January Score.  Todays exercise was simple.  Keep the HR up and burn those calories.

Conditions – 43 and clear


25 LBAC forward and Reverse

25 Imperial Walkers

25 Squats

10 Merkins

Mosey to Brickpile and grab 2 bricks.

Head to bus shed for 15 calf raises – 1 leg each and then both

25 Squats

Brick Tabata – each exercise for 20 seconds with 10 second rest between exercises = 1 round

Rest 1 minute between rounds – Complete 6 rounds

  1. Jumping Jack with Bricks
  2. Skier Swing – both hands working triceps – bend knees and push back like ski poles
  3. Thruster – Squat with Brick lift overhead
  4. Rotational Punch – Left – right – Left – alternating punch while rotating torso and twisting legs
  5. Diagonal Chop – switch sides halfway – low to high movement
  6. Triceps Squat – triceps lift over head with a squat
  7. Ground and pound – on one knee – with brick act like punching ground
  8. Speed Z press – Russian Twist position with overhead press of bricks

Work with Brickpile to clean out broken blocks from cage –

Run with BP to side of school – few minutes of wall sit – made longer by Missions rambling.  Double rub issued the punishment

run back to shovel flag for COT

BOM -Mission

Devo – LOGO

Overall a great workout and the goal was accomplished.  sweat was made!


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