• When: 01/16/2015
  • QIC: Heist
  • The PAX: Spot, Papercut, Teddy, Backdraft, Windmill, Improv, Nails, Heist

Ironyard Burnfest

Fresh off seeing the Clemson loss in person and only posting once for the week, made for a good foundation to orchestrate a reasonable level of suck for this Q. P200 training has kept YHC apart from the #bellmagic for weeks. It was time to bring a moderate level of pain and punishment to those #soccersarms .

The Thang:

SS Hops- 30 IC
Butt Kicks- 30 IC
High Knees- 30 IC
Lil Arm Circles-Foward- 30 IC
Lil Arm Circles-Reverse- 30 IC
Burpees- 5
Run around parking lot and return to COP

Bell Circuit # 1:
Curls-30 OYO
Waiter Press- 30 OYO (15 each arm)
Bell Merkins- 30 OYO (15 each arm)

Bell Circuit # 2:
Tricep Extentensions- 30 OYO
Bell Swings- 30 OYO
Bench Press- 30 OYO

Bell Circuit #3:
Flutter Press- 30 OYO
Russian Twists w/Bell- 30 OYO
Sit-ups w/Bell- 30 OYO

Rinse and Repeat Bell Circuits 1, 2 and 3.

Move to Parking Lot Edge-Partner Up For Team Relays:

Drill #1:
Partner 1-Crossover lunge-walk w/ bell accross parking lot and back
Partner 2-Calf raises w/ bell on curb
Partners switch and repeat

Drill #2:
Partner 1-Waiter Press across parking lot and back
Partner 2-Halos around the waist
Partners switch and repeat

Drill #3:
Partner 1- Carry both bells and lunge walk across parking lot and back
Partner 2-Diamond plank jacks
Partners switch and repeat

Return to COP:

Dealers Choice:

Spot-Sideways single arm floor press-20 OYO
Papercut-Napalms 20 OYO
Teddy-LBC’s w/Bell 30 OYO
Backdraft-Snatch Press-20 OYO


BOM by Heist

It is completely possible to keep your heartrate pegged out while throwing iron around and battleing the soccerarms! Don’t beleive it, then let YYC know you’d like to challenge that notion and we’ll customize a #doubterQforyou !

P200 Better get trained up!
Cottonmouth Jan 23rd at 5 AM in Lexington & Oaks to Harbison. Free race, buy a t-shirt. See the backblast.
Sunday Stroll rock and roll out of Dreher, check it out and bring your ruck!
Improv about 96% back to normal and settling into his house post flood.

Prayer Requests:
“Mr. Gee” one of YHC’s employeees out of Hartsville in ICU after multiple stab wounds in the chest while guarding a hospital patient. He is in critical but stable condition.

That’s all for now.


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