• When: 01/16/16
  • QIC: Silver Bullet
  • The PAX: Shade Tree; Improv; Rest Stop; Backhoe; Tinkle Toes; Kenny G.; Holy Poker; Wiki; Silver Bullet

Enter the CowBell

One of the original Q’s was sick.  The other went out of town.  So we added a little CowBell to the workout.

9 PAX enjoyed the mild weather.

The Thang:  Warm up jog to the front of the school.  Sidestraddle Hop (25); 5 slow, 10-count push ups; Imperial Walker (25); arm circles (10 forward, 10 back).  Jog to pick up blocks, take to back of the school.

Last warm up: 20 Russian Twists while sitting on block.  Take blocks to the CowBell.

The CowBell: 5 stations set up in a star pattern: 5 pull ups, 10 curls (with blocks), 15 big boy sit ups, 20 squats, 25 flutter kicks.  In the middle of the star is the cow bell–anyone can ring the bell, then everyone does 5 burpies.  Rinse and repeat the stations in order for 30 minutes.  Total burpies completed = 190.  (Twinkle Toes completed the most stations.)

Return the blocks.  Finish with some Mary: Flutter Kicks (20); Hello Dolly (10); Thor (start with 1 big boy sit up + 4 Russian Twists; end, by PAX decision, with 10 big boy sit ups + 40 Russian Twists).


Announcements: Ask Boris and Fountainhead about the F3 Foundation.

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