• When: 2017-09-12
  • QIC: Sled
  • The PAX: Neighbor, Rip Cord, Nails, Ball Boy, OBC, Sled

Score plays tennis with bricks

The morning after Irma dumped large amounts of rain and heavy winds, the Score Pax came out to get a little work in. YHC had no power and was not sure if my cell phone would maintain enough power to wake me up this morning, but all worked out and the six guys who showed up worked hard. It was a little breezy, which actually felt good with all the muggy mornings we have had recently.

Condition: 62 degrees and breezy

The Thang:

Jog to the side of Dreher and circle up:

Do some initial stretching exercises to limber up for the beatdown to follow.

Side Straddle Hop x50 IC

Carolina Dry Dock x25 IC

Copperhead Squat x25 IC

Overhead claps x50 IC

Mosey to the brickpile to get bricks and then head to the tennis courts

YHC explained we would be working on the tennis courts in honor of my youngest 2.0, who loves tennis and spends all his time on the courts. YHC then explained it was good I did not decide to honor my other two kids, who love cross country…

Line hops with bricks – front/back for 1 minute, and then side to side for 1 minute(as an aside, 1 minute is an eternity doing hops while holding bricks – just sayin)

Big Boy Situps with bricks x25 OYO

Plank jacks x 25 IC

Put bricks down and do an old fashioned suicide, starting at fence and touching each line and going back to fence after each touch

Four corners circuit explained:

Run to each corner of the tennis court with your bricks, and do the following:

Curls for the girls x20, Tri-cep extensions x20, alternating arm raises x 20

When get back to start, do the following:

Reverse LBCs holding bricks out x20, Mountain Climbers x20

Rinse and repeat this circuit, doing 15 reps and then 10 reps

Planking exercises waiting on the six after last circuit

COP: (all exercises would be done without letting feet hit the ground)

Rosalita x15

Hello Dolly x15

Freddie Mercury x15

Boxcutter x15

LBC x15

Flutters x15

Return bricks and head over to patio for peoples chair for one minute with arm raises

Mosey back to COT, but stop on way by great wall and do max Big Boy Situps in one minute

COT: With Brickpile guys. Great work by all.