• When: 2017-09-12
  • QIC: Juice
  • The PAX: Pennyworth, Squatter, Meter, PigPen, Brita, Paper Jam, Bambi, Pow Pow, Juice

The E Z, and thoughts from the BRR

YHC signed up to Q today because he knew after the BRR he would have the temptation to fartsack.  YHC really did regret that decision the last two days.  But not this morning.  Feeling a little better, YHC decided to bring a taste of the BRR to Ambush.  Read about it below.

Conditions:  Irma is clearing, damp and 68 degrees

1 minute

Mosey to Hexagon for COP:
TTT x 20 IC
Imperial Walker x 20 IC
LBAC’s x 20 IC (forward)
LBAC’s x 20 IC (backward)

The Thang:  The E Z
The best two words to a relay runner.  Exchange Zone.  YHC read that somewhere over the weekend and knew he had to use it.  Each man grab a bench.  One Pax would make a lap around the hexagon while the remaining pax AMRAP’d the exercises.  When the pax returned to his position the next pax would get up and do the same.  The remaining pax would change to the next exercise.  We completed 36 legs.  The first set of legs was double laps.  Each pax had 3 legs to run.

The exercises:   Dips, Incline Merkins, Decline Merkins

Circled up for 10- 6 count burpees IC

Mosey to brick pile and grabbed two bricks.
Circled up for:
25 CFTG’s
30 Tricep extensions
25 lateral raises
25 CFTG’s
50 tricep extensions

Lazy Elevens:  10 merkins, 1 raise the roof w/ bricks.  Rinse and repeat dropping one rep of merkins and adding one rep on RTR until 1 merkin and 10 rtr.

Return bricks, then a nice indian run back to the flag,



-T-claps to Paper Jam for EH’n me for some stridelite.  Still working out the kinks but I thin that helped.

-Meter introduced a new form of modification by breaking his bricks this morning.

-Pow Pow was there on time. Almost.

-Paper Jam asked me to share the following about my last run at the BRR:
I had to run the first mountain goat leg.  Leg 31.  I found out about it about 2 weeks out and was really not looking forward to it.  On no sleep, and tired legs my goal was to make it to the top.  I wanted to do it with out stopping.  No walking.  As I started the run I was full of emotions.  I had just seen all my brothers gut out some really tough legs. I turned to go up the mountain and started thinking about what GED had told us at the church thursday before we left.  “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”  I started to think about that.  Not far from there, I saw something red on the side of the road.  Right on the white line.  It was a bandana.  One that Iron Mary had given to all the Lexington Pax on thursday.  We were each to wear that in honor of Cheech.  I reached down and got it.  For the remainder of the run I was overrun with emotion.  I thought of Cheech.  His family.  His teammates.  I thought of the brotherhood that F3 provides.  I thought of the gifts God has given me.   I thought of stopping.  Then I would think about Cheech.  His Family. His teammates. I thought about what Swanson and H4T said about him at the funeral.    I almost broke down several times on the way and am not ashamed that I may have shed a tear.   I made it to the top and I carried those thoughts with me.   I made it to the top without stopping.  I did it for Cheech.  I did it for his teammates.  I did it for my team. I did it because through Christ, I have strength, and I can do anything.  The BRR was awesome.  The running not so much. But the fellowship and bonds formed.  The way we pushed each other to dig a little deeper than we wanted to.  The way we worked together to accomplish something I never thought I could be a part of.  I am proud of my team.  I am proud of F3 Lexington.  I am proud of F3 Nation.  I will never forget that run.