• When: 2017-09-07
  • QIC: Fannie
  • The PAX: Cess Pool, Beads, Subprime, Doublemint, insanity, Fannie, tin tin, spot, clinger, biggie smalls, welcome week


11 pax braved the 65 degree weather and invading college track team for a pretty gruesome circuit series at Emily Douglas.   Bonus points to Cess for for channeling the Backstreet Boys when YHC warned the pax not to let their bodies rock during a plank sequence.

The Thang:


SSH IC x25, lil baby arm circles IC x20 and revers x20, merkins IC x15, Freddie mercuries IC x25

mosey to amphitheater

circuit 1, AMRAP 8 minutes

Step ups x10 each leg, box jumps x10, single leg squats x10, monkey humpers x10, repeat circuit, then run up and down staircase.  AMRAP 8 minutes

circuit 2

in and outs x20, Russian twists x20, big boys x20, pulse ups x20, run up and down staircase touching each step, AMRAP 8 minutes.

circuit 3:

incline merkins x10, decline merkins x10, dry docks x10, burpees x10, run up and down staircase twice touching every step, AMRAP 8 minutes

mosey to basketball court

flutters IC x45 various speeds, merkins IC x10

full suicide.

plank sequence

full suicide

peoples chair 90 seconds