• When: 2020-10-15
  • QIC: Lumen
  • The PAX: BallBoy, OBC, Prenup, Sled, Goose, Pele, Ripcord

Score Does A Tour De Dreher

8 Scorians came out for a Tour De Dreher featuring a variety of exercises.

Conditions: 60 degrees

The Thang:

Warmup at “Club Carlisle”
20 SSH in cadence
20 Thru the Tunnel in cadence
20 Lil Baby Arm Circles (10 forward, 10 reverse) in cadence
Bend over toe touch stretch
Seated toe touch stretch
20 Overhead claps in cadence

Mosey to Shandonwood Animal Clinic for 10 high quality dips OYO

Mosey into parking lot and begin first of seven “stages” of exercises.

Stage 1
20 Squats in cadence
20 Plank Jacks in cadence
10 Outlaws OYO (5 each clockwise, counterclockwise)


Stage 2
20 LBCs in cadence
20 Chinook Squats in cadence
10 Plank Taps OYO
5 Bobby Hurleys OYO


Stage 3
20 Windmills in cadence
20 V-ups in cadence
Regular Plank, Left Arm Up & Right Arm Up
1 round Superman/Aquaman


Stage 4
20 Imperial Walkers in cadence
20 Freddies in cadence
15 Monkey Humpers in cadence
20 Hillbillies in cadence


Stage 5
20 Seal Claps in cadence
20 Freedom Twists in cadence
20 Chaser LBCs in cadence
20 Flutters in cadence


Stage 6
20 Mtn Climbers in cadence
20 Rosalitas in cadence
20 Hello Dollies in cadence
20 Merkins OYO


Stage 7
20 High Knees in cadence
20 Ray Charles in cadence
20 Dying Cockroaches in cadence
5 Burpees OYO

Mosey from parking lot to last stage

Stage 8
Wall Sit then mosey to “Club Carlisle”
10 Big Boys OYO
Pickle Pointer
20 calf raises (both, left leg & right leg) OYO

COT and BOM: No yellow jerseys but fantastic work by all. 5 for coffee.

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