• When: 01/02/17
  • QIC: McLovin
  • The PAX: Furlough, RA, Gaston, Thurston, McLovin

Run Fast & Turn Right

As the PAX of F3 Nation turn the page on 2016 and begin the journey into 2017, YHC wanted to serve up the #DRP to the PAX of #Scramble all while keeping with the #MoreCowbell9 training plan composed by our fearless captain (RA). When the AOQ tells you that it’s Speed Day, it was time for YHC to keep in simple while having the PAX turn in circles. After a warm up mosey, YHC laid out the plan: Turn Right and Run Fast. In the end, the PAX got after it this morning and ran so fast the rain could not slow them down.

Conditions: 55 degrees and rain

The Thang:

Left out of Trenholm Plaza and right onto Coker Street
Take left onto Clemson
Take left onto Converse
Circle up at Wofford/Converse for further instructions.

Sprint down Wofford to Chicora
Take right on Chicora and mosey to Furman
Take right on Furman and sprint to Converse
Take right on Converse and mosey to Wofford
Rinse/Repeat x 4 (5 laps total for 2.0 miles)

Take Converse to Clemson
Take right onto Clemson
Take right onto Coker
Return to Trenholm Plaza
Take lap around Trenholm Plaza
Return to Virtual Shovel Flag

Total mileage – 3.6 miles

COT/BOM – McLovin


• Great work by the PAX this AM. Furlough and RA led with way with Thurston and YHC not far behind. Sprints in the pouring rain illustrates that posting in the #Gloom is more about your F3 brothers than it is about you.
• T-Claps to the PAX for indulging YHC in the speed work this AM. Running in circles is never really fun, but it is supposed to help you get faster. Plus, RA said we had to do it to get ready for the P200.


• Register for MGC Long Run – February 4, 2017 (Discount Code is F3LONG)
• Furlough and Gaston on Q at #Scramble this week



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