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Rounding the Bases Swampfox Style (Carrying Concrete Slabs)

QIC: Carry the slab around the bases, stopping at each for side work.  Each base has an orange cone marking it.

PAX: Cone?  I don’t see any cone.  Are there cones out there?

Turns out there’s Dark, Really Dark, and then there’s Swampfox at 0545.  The 23 Pax were undetered however and struck out in to the night, slabs in hand, with spirits at least somewhat high.

Conditions: 61 Degrees, 90% Humidity

The Thang:

COP under lamp near tree:

Ssh   4ct x25

LBCs 4ct x 20

Merkins 4ct x14

Mountain climbers 4ct x25

Squats 4ct x20


Tree of Life

Decline merkins 4ct x 10

Box jumps 15 oyo

Dips 20ct oyo

Step ups 15 per leg oyo

Incline merkins 20 oyo


While half the pax is at the tree second half does ab circuit:

Flutters 4ct x30

Stay at 6 inches, 10 slow scissors

20 sit-ups oyo

Russian twists 4ct x14

(PAX switches…abs to tree, tree to abs)


Mosey to field, all pax get a slab.


In field there are 4 cones set up like bases on a field. Approx 30 yards on a side.  The pax will complete the circuit doing each exercise at each cone and carrying the slab to the next. Upon completion pax planks.


Circuit 20 reps each:


Bent over rows

Shoulder presses

Squat presses


Run to hamburger hill. Sprint up and jog down. Repeat x 3.


Run back to slabs. Repeat baseball circuit.


Run back to Hamburger Hill.

Sprint up, bear crawl down

Sprint up, lunge walk down

Sprint up, jog down


Circle up

AMRAP rolling clock, 30 secs each:





Repeat x2

Mosey Back to Parking Lot



  • Nice work by the PAX this morning.   Went through the workout faster than anticipated and had to add some of the hill work and AMRAP on the fly.  Good thing its not a race, QIC may be bringing up the rear.
  • After multiple spelling attempts, QIC arrived at “Sussudio” via Wikipedia.  All Phil Collins fans please make corrections via comments below.
  • Welcome FNG Gash (Scott Ballew).  He arrived with the fanfare of a Beatle.  I am not sure why he is so famous, but he knew most of the PAX already.  Earned his name at the Tree, be careful with the box jumps, #readthedisclaimer


  • The Pre-Holiday Fuel Challenge began October 14. Here is the pre-blast. A lot of F3Columbia is in on this challenge. Won’t you join us, too?
  • The F3Columbia Pull-Up Challenge also launched October 14 with the goal of increasing everyone’s upper body strength. This is a must for the Spring Mud Run. Please check out the pre-blast here: http://f3nation.com/2013/10/14/preblast-f3columbia-daily-pull-up-challenge/
  • Plan to attend (and bring an EH’d friend to) the Birthday convergence on October 26th at Finlay Park. It’ll be huge. If you ordered a T-shirt, make sure to get it from Sway and plan to gear up for the big one year anniversary event.  There is also an #UltimateDoubleDown opportunity on the 26th.  If you are training for the Governor’s Cup Half-Marathon you know the 26th is the day you are supposed to run 13.1 miles.  So, if you simply cannot allow yourself to miss either workout, you are invited to do both.  The group will depart ~5:00 AM to give time to complete the 13.1 before invading Finlay Park for the Convergence workout. #CSAUP
  • We’re working on at THIRD Palmetto 200 relay team. We’re up around 28 participants so far with more coming from Greenville, Charlotte and elsewhere. This will not be an event you want to miss. Check the pre-blast for details and contact Chaser or YHC if you’re ready to commit.
  • Northeast Big Bang Saturday November 2 at North Springs Park off Clemson Rd. 7-8:00 and a strong downtown contingent is needed to help get these guys off on the right foot.
  • Governor’s Cup training continues this week with the LAST long run of 13 miles.  Multiple options for getting this in either Friday, Sunday, or the  #UltimateDoubleDown mentioned above.  For more details, come out to Amble tomorrow at Kathwood Baptist Church, or get in touch with Fountainhead.
  • Standing lunch and happy hour tomorrow.  2nd F opportunities for those who like food and/or beer.  Lunch at Lizard’s Thicket, HH at Henry’s.


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