• When: 05/02/2017
  • QIC: Splinter
  • The PAX: Gaston, Polo, McNugget, SubPrime, Snowbird, Chaser, Adrian, Venti, Sheets, Furlough, Fade to Black, Krusty, Kitty, Prom, Spread

Round n’ Round at SwampFox

YHC is not a popular Q. YHC has never been popular, even as a kid (though there are more than likely very good reasons for YHC’s lack of appeal) – call it a blessing and a curse. But, the phenomenal group that showed up this morning definitely bucked a lifelong trend of unpopularity that YHC is somewhat proud of, oh well, guess I’m popular now, at least briefly. A pleasantly surprising 16 Pax appeared in the gloom and welcomed the challenge at SwampFox today. Solid numbers posted and laid down some serious work. It was a horribly awesome morning. We were pretty much breathless from start to finish. Here’s what we did.

Conditions: 60 degrees, wet ground

The Thang

Run a parking lot Lap (about 350m)

*Each set do reps of 20 for each exercise, a set 15 of each, then a set of 10. Then run.

Tree of Life, most movements done using the high bench around the tree

Box jumps
Step ups 2ct (right and left)

Lap – SSH for the 6

Incline clap merkins
Decline merkins
Low Plank jacks

Lap – 6 inches for the 6

In and outs
Flutter kicks

Lap – High Plank for the 6

Mtn Climber 2ct
Imperial walker


Plank at COT
Bear Crawl – Crawl Bear Gasser
– Bear Crawl about 30 yards on the incline, Crawl Bear on the way back x2

LBA fwd 20 IC
LBA bwd 20 IC
Raise the Roof 30 IC

Russian Twist 25 IC

Done. Done. Done.

BOM: Splinter

– Final Week to signup for the Mud Run, let’s do it. Get yourself on a team. See @F3Dunphy or @F3Summerville for info
– Prayer Requests discussed
– BATTLE Saturday. Do it.
– Important F3 Columbia Convergence on Saturday, May 13th – details forthcoming

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