• When: 2019-08-01
  • QIC: Pipeline
  • The PAX: Squirrel, Corn Dog, Tom Tom, Serena, Jar Jar, Ash, Rosinbagger, Pipeline

Ringing in the Dog Days, #BlitzStyle

8 pax #Blitzverged and gave it all they had for 30 minutes under the tutelage of YHC. Burpees were burped, chatter was mumbled, snot was woggled, and coffee was earned.

Conditions: low 70s and actually kind of nice

The Thang


Brief #Disclaimer given and then straight into the #10X10:

    • Burpees x10
    • #Repeato at the top of every minute for 10 minutes. That’s 100 burpees in the first 10 minutes. #CrowdPleaser

YHC missed the first set of 10 burpees fixing a watch malfunction, we’ll come back to that later.

Fast mosey to the northwest corner of Target. Proceed down the row of parking spaces #LikeSo:

      • Lunge walk 7 spaces
      • Bear crawl 7 spaces
      • Broad jump 7 spaces

#Repeato until you get to the shovel flag. There are 42 spaces (ish), so each #ArkLoader exercise is performed 2 times.

YHC had allotted 10 minutes for this but the pax finished in 5, so let’s come back to that later too.

Fast mosey back down the parking lot, perform a U-turn and fast mosey back up the lot to the bottom of the hill at the northwest corner (behind the doctor’s office).

Perform a #TripleNickel as follows:

      • Sprint up the hill
      • Jump squats x5
      • Sprint down the hill
      • #TeddyRolls x5 (from low plank position, touch one hip and then the other to the ground)

#Repeato x5

Plank jacks while waiting for the 6

5 minutes left, so fast mosey back to the parking spaces 1 row up from where we started before.

#Repeato the bear crawl / lunge walk / broad jump sequence all the way to the shovel flag.

Flutter kicks while waiting for the 6

Done. All except YHC, that is, who owed the rest of the pax those first 10 burpees. Most pax couldn’t resist doing them along with YHC, so some pax totaled 110 burpees on the day. #NotTooShabby


      • #Legion turned up strong and definitely won the day with 6 pax present. #Woodshed turned out 2, YHC and the AOQ, which barely counts at all. YHC kept a lid on his plans so it wasn’t the burpees that scared them away. There better be a lot of you on vacation. #WhereThePaxAt
      • Thanks to the pax for finishing out the last set of burpees with YHC. Everyone worked hard. These 30-minute #Blitz-style workouts are fun in the worst way. YHC had been wanting to Q one and the pax did not disappoint.


      • Get Serena some money to help sponsor #Mission pax running the Jailbreak 5K.
      • #Mission cookout coming up next Friday, 8/9, 1700 hours at Pine Island. Sign up to bring something here.
      • #IronPaxChallenge coming up in September! Go ahead and register here. Your AO will most likely be doing the workout of the week anyway, you might as well get the credit, right?
      • TAP for Taurasi whose mother-in-law has been battling Alzheimer’s for 5 years.
      • Post at #Armory Wednesdays at 0500.

Pipeline out.