• When: 2019-08-02
  • QIC: Pepto
  • The PAX: Rebar, Shag, Sweet Tart, Bonsai, Water Gate, Steel toe, Double Fault, Cheddar (Respect), Okra Strut, Booster, Olive Oil, Wolverine, Pot Hole, Pinot, Lumbergh, Black Lung, Pepto

Score Keepers Shouldn’t Leave Early

18 pax defied the rules of gravity & pulled themselves from their comfy beds.  The young-ins never seem to have a hard time with it, but the older guys always look a bit…..never mind.  Let’s just say with wisdom comes sore muscles, less mobile joints, and the general “aches & pains.”  Olive Oil made a cameo today after getting 5 hours of sleep this past week with his new 2.2.  Shag also came out.  YHC’s 2.0 has been looking for him at the River Walk, but alas, he’s never there.  Something about work & no showers.  YHC thought he ran the joint.  He does have his own TV commercial appearance.  Or, was it just the back of his head?

70F, quite pleasant.  Not overly muggy but the field was damp.


YHC thinks 12 guys started, then 6 trickled in over the next 5 minutes.  It was a great success to see 18 guys out on a Friday morning.  Usual count off 1-2-1-2…   Froccer for 55 minutes underwent.

Top 5 plays

  1. Someone on team 2 threw the disc about 80 yards out of bounds.  Cheddar went after it at full speed, and someone called him a… Wait, there may be kids reading this.  Let’s just say another name for a female canine.
  2. Black Lung threw a dart from 40 yards out at a 5 degree angle from the right side of the goal to secure a score for team 2.
  3. FNG, Crab Cake, has a wicked accurate forehand.  His backhand left a little desired.  Pretty sure he was fouled.
  4. Wolverine was taken out by a “ninja.”
  5. The disc was wet, as was the grass.  Everyone had their fair share of drops, but Steel Toe took all bad throws and catches upon himself.  Because of this, and the score keeper leaving, Team 1 pulled out the stunning come from behind victory.  (ignore any other rumblings on twitter otherwise.  remember YHC is the AOQ, the AOQ rules.)

YHC thinks everyone had fun regardless of the score.  Next week is futbol at the pellet palace.

FNG: Ryan Sneddon- from Maryland, works with Lumberg disposing of papers in a sophisticated manor.  Kneed himself in the nose so hard it was numb for 3 weeks –>Numb Nuts, ah nope.  From Maryland.  Hot.  Crabs –>Lice,  Crab Cake!

Prayer Requests:  Chop Block’s football tryouts.  May he not cherry pick, unless asked to.  May he get the chance to hit someone.  Keep him safe.

Announcements: Mission cookout at PIne Island.  Sign up being linked to Clash DM.