• When: 2018-02-27
  • QIC: Misfire
  • The PAX: Heidi, Caboose, Silver Bullet, Fox Hole, Pampers, Pipeline, Odyssey, Fro Yo, Cuddles, Chewy, Ash, FNG – Andrew Monk (Belle), Misfire

“Ridiculous Repetitions” at Woodshed

13 dedicated men took the DRP and headed to Woodshed for a Tues boot camp. YHC was asked to come guest Q by Chewy a few months ago. I happily accepted the invitation. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to this AO. I was eager to get back to Meadowfield and to catch up with the Woodshed PAX. I brought a simple plan that hopefully provided a challenge to everyone. Great group of guys and solid effort this morning in the gloom. Here’s what we did.

The Thang

Quick warm up mosey through the parking lot. Head to the school playground. Circle up. Side note – a fence has been added and some of the equipment has been moved around, but this area by the school is a perfect little spot to put in some work.

Here’s what Chewy labeled “Ridiculous Repetitions,” or what YHC called some 10 to 1s.  Starting with merkins.

  • 10 merkins, wait in high plank for all PAX to finish
  • 9 merkins, same waiting
  • 8 merkins, same waiting
  • 7 merkins, same waiting
  • 6 merkins, hearing a lot of grunting and getting pretty difficult so quick 5 second break to shake out the arms
  • 5 merkins, same waiting
  • 4 merkins, same waiting
  • 3 merkins, same waiting
  • 2 merkins, same waiting
  • 1 merkin, recover
  • Hence “10 to 1” – pretty simple, but difficult

10 to 1 with squats and air chair “rest”

10 to 1 with big boy sit-ups and 6” rest

10 to 1 with hand release merkins and high plank rest

5 to 1 with lunges (each leg) with air chair rest

10 to 1 iron cross with 6” rest

10 to 1 wide arm merkins with low plank rest

10 to 1 monkey humpers with air chair rest

10 to 1 heeltap crunches with heels off ground rest

6 to 1 pull-ups with 5 sec rest between each set

Walk a few yards to large 4 square concrete pad for a modified version of duck, duck, crab

  • All PAX on the pad doing “something” while 1 PAX crab walks around outside of pad (~ 30 yards), then the next guy goes, and the next, etc until everyone has gone, your rest time is the crab walk.
  • The concrete pad exercises rotated between high plank, R arm up, L arm up, low plank (shaky!), and air chair.

Walk a few yards back to edge of playground and face the wall.

  • Sprint to the wall
  • sprint backwards back to playground
  • Rinse and repeat X 5.

Mosey back to COT


Name-o-rama – Welcome FNG Belle (from Orlando, CIU grad, Gator fan, likes to read, etc)!

BOM Prayer


I think this plan ended up working really well. The reps in each set were kept down so proper form would be used. However, the quick repeating of the same exercise with a difficult “rest” in between sets led to steady muscle fatigue. Arms, legs, abs. Rinse and repeat X 3. Then a little fun game and some cardio in the end. I’m already starting to feel a little sore in the shoulders, back, and abs. Hopefully, each PAX pushed himself this morning and is starting to feel it as well!  Thank you for inviting me to guest Q.  I hope we can do it again soon.


  • Some type of race (5K maybe?) on Sat 3/10 at Meadowfield.
  • My PSA – Please do your back blast (and timely at that) when you Q so that the next Qs know what happened at the last few workouts and don’t do the same thing. Basic Q duty and owed to the PAX. Looking at you Woodshed….