• When: 2017-10-03
  • QIC: Chaser
  • The PAX: Beads, DriveBy, Adrian, Insanity, WelcomeWeek, SubPrime, DoubleMint, Manny, Promo, Okra, Chaser

Reynolds Week At #Thunder…IT’S ON.

11 arrived in the cool fall gloom ready to be measured and YHC did his best to bring a steady stream of tests for the pax with explanation and emphasis on full range of motion form. YHC hopes that, if nothing else, every man who posted this morning can say he was challenged and is now better for it.  That is, after all, the point.

Conditions: Low 60s, bit of a breeze (but not down in the hole, er, park), light air.


Fast mosey off the drop down into the park…

At the amphitheater steps
Round 1 AFAP:
Bottom: 21 Box Jumps
Halfway: 15 K2E crunches
Top: 9 Burpees (chest&thighs to concrete)
Round 2 AFAP:
Bottom: 21 decline merkins (chin to concrete)
Halfway: 15 catcher squats (tail to concrete)
Top: 9 Burpees (chest&thighs to concrete)
Round 3 AFAP:
Bottom: 21 CDD (head to concrete)
Halfway: 15 big boy sit-ups
Top: 9 Burpees
Get blocks & partner up:
Block Dora
P1 farmers carry 2 blocks to end of field, 10 Burpees & carry back (modified to 5 burpees after 1st time down for everyone to make rep division more even)
P2 work: 100 squats (below parallel), 100 Peter Parkers (count both sides as 1), 100 lunges (knee to ground, count one leg as 1), 100 iron cross.
Put blocks up with a twist: Send first pair to put up blocks while other pax do max reps of an exercise until they get back…squats, merkins, burpees.
Fast mosey  up the hill and to COT…plank at COT for the 6…once 6 arrives stay in plank with mention of Robber’s new child, the Las Vegas mass murder and, considering both, how happy and fortunate we are to be alive and healthy with healthy families.
– Good work this morning with a lot of heavy breathing, grunting and not a ton of chatter…just how YHC likes it.  Not that there’s anything wrong with chatter but YHC just happens to be from the “if I can talk I ain’t getting as much out of this as I could be” school and if I’m up at 5am I want to get max benefit. I like how #Thunder gets after it.  Well done.
– Please follow the new @F3PalmettoPlace twitter account for news on the continued, and renewed, Palmetto Place effort.
5 year anniversary convergence on Saturday 10/21. 7am at Dreher. Workout will be 1.5 hours with a tour of close by AOs. All are welcome and all will finish.