• When: 2017-10-03
  • QIC: Ronda
  • The PAX: Viagra, Hamm, Kamikaze, Senator, Ruby, Two Gloves, Cow Pens, Coletrain

Isolator Series vol. 2: Abs Edition

9 PAX including a FNG, welcome Cow Pens, experienced a mainly core workout this morning.


10 straight leg big boys IC

10 right leg up big boys IC

10 left leg up big boys IC

20 imperial walkers IC

Using cinder blocks: 10 Russian twists IC, 10 big boys OYO, 10 flutter kicks IC while holding block above chest, 10 big boys OYO, 10 iron cross IC while holding block above your chest, 10 big boys OYO.  Rinsed and repeated.

Broad jumped burpee about 30 yards and lunge walk back. Then broad jump burpee out and bear crawl back. Then we did 50 LBCs.

Using Hot Tub hill, we did a dora of 100 rowers, 200 pulse ups, and 300 flutter kicks (double count).

Finished with an around-the-clock six-inch to iron cross hold. We did this for 120 count. I added 5 burpees for dessert.