• When: 2018-05-12
  • QIC: Bookworm and Serena
  • The PAX: Breaker Breaker (R), Good Hands, Bookworm, House (R), Training Wheels (R), Heisenberg (R), Whisper, Spackle (R), Hopper (R), Outbreak (R), Netflix, Weekend Special, Red Dawg, Bull Dog, Nature Boy (R), Skinny Jeans, FNG Josh ("Cupcake"), Drummer Boy, Serena.

“Resting” at The Mission

As we welcomed Lexington PAX to The Mission, Bookworm and Serena sought to keep the intensity high…so even resting wasn’t really resting (see Tabata below). Bookworm has showed incredible progress, developing both his leadership and fitness through F3. His weight loss has been nothing short of remarkable, clearly making him more flexible and able to endure longer. Qing a workout is getting easier as well, demonstrating the opportunity to lead a group of men. Couldn’t be prouder of this #WasNow!


C.O.P. (all 4 ct IC)-Serena

Windmill x15

Imperial Squat Walker x15 (this one needs some work)

LBACs (F/R) x10

Plank Jacks x15

Mtn Climbers x15

Russian Twist x15

LBCs x15

Turn rest of workout over to Bookworm. Partner-Up and Grab a Block; mosey to shady area by the pond

P1 x20 Shoulder Press while P2 AMRAPs LBACs. Switch.

P1 x20 Bicep Curls while P2 AMRAPs Plank Jacks. Switch.

P1 x20 Tricep Extensions while P2 AMRAPs Mtn Climbers. Switch.

Run Around Pond to lower field.

Tabata Time:

Burpees 20 seconds/SSHs 20seconds (3 Rounds-#CrowdPleaser)

Lazy Dora

50 Merkins combined. Partner planks.

100 LBCs combined. Partner holds 6″.

150 Squats combined. Partner holds Air Chair.

Heisenberg shares what F3 means to him, how he got his start with F3, what drew him to The Mission, what’s going on at the Mission and how you can get plugged-in. First step: show up on Saturdays.

Tabata 2 Time:

Iron Cross 20 seconds/LBCs 20 seconds. (6 Rounds)

Retrieve the Blocks. Circle-up with each PAX having something heavy to lift.

6 Minutes of Block-Mary all x20 OYO.

Squats (w/ Blocks), Lunges, Keg Tosses (w/ Blocks), Monkey Humpers, Front Raises (w/ Blocks), O/H Claps.

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, AAR. Name FNG: Josh who once one Cup Cake Eating Contest will forever be known to F3 as Cup Cake. Welcome!