• When: 2021-11-16
  • QIC: Ash
  • The PAX: Pondo, Teddy, Silent Bob, Side Salad, Silver Bullet, Bone Saw

Red Fox Rumble

Weather: Clear. 38 degrees.
7 PAX gathered at Woodshed on a chilly morning. It was just 3 days ago when I got to witness my alma mater (the great Marist Red Foxes) take down Pondo’s alma mater (PC Blue Hose) 57-32 when they matched up on the gridiron in Clinton SC. Pondo bravely showed up and discovered I took it easy on him, having him wear a bright red Marist t-shirt and not something more embarrassing.

The Thang:
Warmup //
Imperial walkers x20 in cadence
High knees x10 in cadence
Grass pickers x20 in cadence
Butt kickers x10 in cadence
Arm circles, overhead claps, raise the roofs, all in cadence x10
Series of planks

Lap around the bus loop. Mosey to small parking lot segment near upper playground. Partner up.
Round 1
Partner 1 // wall sit
Partner 2 // modified yoyo (run halfway down parking lot segment, back to start, run full parking lot segment, back to start), 5 burpees, repeat yoyo, repeat 5 burpees
Partners switch roles.
Round 2 // same structure except substitute 10 merkins for 5 burpees after each yoyo

Mosey to brick cage. Every PAX grab a coupon for COP.
Curls x10 OYO
Squats x10 cadence
Shoulder press x10 OYO
Squats x10 cadence
Tricep extensions x10 OYO
Squats x10 cadence
Napalms x5 OYO
Put coupons away. Mosey to lower playground. Partner up again.
Partner 1 – flutter kicks AMRAP
Partner 2 – mosey to playground, 10 pullups
Partners switch roles.

Mosey back to flag for COT
Announcements: Heist Q Thursday. Stumble runvergence Friday. Iron Yard field trip to The Bull Monday.
Devo: Reflected for a minute on a leadership book I just read that left an impact on me. Highly recommend it. “The Promises of Giants. How You can fill the leadership void.” By John Amaechi OBE

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