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Ramble Runvergence

AO: ramble
Q: Hawg
PAX: Garnish, Quaker, Jar Jar, Tube Socks, Chewy, Huffy (CBHM Masters Champ), 8 Mile, Love Child, LA Gear, DriveBy, Pipeline, Paper Boo, Bundy, Prodigal, Lego, Quartermaster, BabyRuth(AOQ TheWall), Pinkman, Tarek, Serena, Fallout, Nails, Easy Street, Biggie Smalls, Sergeant Slaughter, Mud Dawg, Betamax, BunkBed, Gaston, Cauliflower, OBC, Winston, Ripcord, Crawlspace, improv, Froman, Seahorse, Quick Dry
FNGs: None
WARMUP: forget the route
THE THANG: ask Bunk bed
COT: Pinkman ‘s mom, Char- shoulder surgery
Ellie May’s hearing

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