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Exercise Position Begin Right Meow

AO: dawnstrike
Q: Lobstah
PAX: Betamax, Jar Jar, Oscar, Phlegm, Quaker, Silent Bob, Snowflake, Lobstah
FNGs: None
COUNT: 8 at some points
Side Straddle hop 30
Imperial walker 20
Through the tunnel 15
Arm circles 20
Backward 20
Overhead 20
Seal clap 20

Mozie to brick yard
Brick lift side and front (4 count) 20
Curls 20
Overhead press 20
Chest lift 20

Mozie to Sims with bricks
Intersections 20 SSH and 8 burpees

Sims park
10 pull ups
30 dips
20 incline merkins
20 decline merkins
15 burpees

Tennis court
Pair up
Bearpees out and back
Wheel barrow out and back
Sprint and plank and switch

Mozie back to brick pile
Each intersection
shoulder taps 20
Plank jacks 15

Return for ring of fire and then stretch
COT: healing for Brianna, ladies hit in Shandon, recovery for LA Gears wife and Pinkmans mother

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