• When: 09/21/2015
  • QIC: Costanza
  • The PAX: Subprime, Gump, Turtle, Gypsy, Drive By, Traitor, Costanza

Ramble Speed Blocks

With the BRR firmly behind the pax, Ramble returned to flat speed work. On the docket this morning, Speed Blocks.

Conditions: 68 degrees, 88% Humidity.

The Thang:
Leaving the AO, run down Woodward Woodrow, Take a right on Heyward, Right on King. Right on Blossom. The corner of Blossom and Woodrow is our 1 mile loop for this morning and a total of 12 city blocks.

First loop, steady warm up pace (=fast pace for Ramble)
Second loop, Speed Blocks begin: Sprint 2 blocks, recover 4 blocks.
Third loop, Sprint 3 blocks, recover 3 blocks.
Final loop, cool down pace, which for Ramble was still a fast pace (some coming in at a sub- seven minute pace).

– Apparently, YHC has some sort of mental block for the name Woodrow. This morning, YHC referred to it as Woodward… where did that come from??
– Good hard work this morning, nice to put in some flat miles.
– Gypsy revealed at Coffeeteria that he had wife, and is actually 35 years old. Now it all makes sense…

– Get the Freed to Lead F3 Shirt, today is the last day.
– Blitz launches next week, 30 min. intense workout.
– Sign up for the Mud Run and the P200.
– Prayers for little Gavin.

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