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AD rests up for big game tonight!

Not sure where the regulars were this morning. Apparently Moon River had too many Ice Cold Budweiser’s at Harry Carry’s this weekend. Roscoe was in some exotic island I’m sure. First Choice has a big deal going down. Logo was still sore from last Monday obviously. Linoleum hasn’t posted since 2013 but was expected after UGA did what it did this weekend. 4 hard charging post to the surprise that Adrian (apparently new last name Dantley) was originally scheduled to Q this morning but felt as though it may impede his quest for yet another triple double this evening on the court. Late night call to the bullpen by AD and YHC gladly accepted the challenge. With way too much time to prepare, YHC decided to sleep on it and see what develops around 0545. Here’s the THANG!

Conditions: 70 not a hint of a breeze and slightly humid

Mosey across Millwood to the bank parking lot for COT:
All exercises IC

20 SSH
15 Merkins
20 Squats
20 LBC’s
20 Mnt. Climbers

Mosey to ECH field:
All exercises are to be performed OYO in no particular order.
100 Merkins
100 Squats
100 LBC’s
Plank until the last PAX finishes.

YHC planned to move to the center grassy circle to perform another set of exercises when RIP and JB immediately assisted YHC in the about face movement as to not go to jail due to trespassing. Apparently ECH doesn’t take kindly to the PAX exercising on the property. YHC heeded the advise because jail isn’t a good place to begin your Monday morning. Find another grassy spot. Since it was a small group we moseyed over to Eaton St. and Ambers Way for the next round.

50 Merkins
50 Squats
50 LBC’s
Plant until the last PAX finishes.

Mosey to the finest lawn on all of Millwood. The dentist office right across from Brickpile. This is lush and lovely! Wonderful for another small set:

25 Merkins
25 Squats
25 LBC’s

Mosey to the wall on the left side of Brickpile for People’s chair and Merkin ladder.
1 minute People’s chair
20 Merkins
1 minute People’s chair
19 Merkins
1 minute People’s chair
18 Merkins
1 minute People’s chair
17 Merkins
1 minute People’s chair
16 Merkins

Mosey to get some blocks. More arm work yet to be done!
20 Curls (IC)
20 Big Boy Situps
19 Curls (IC)
19 Big Boy Situps
18 Curls (IC)
18 Big Boy Situps
17 Curls (IC)
17 Big Boy Situps
16 Curls (IC)
16 Big Boy Situps

Final Exercise:
Military Press count down with the block. Begin with 10 reps, then 9, then 8, ….all the way down to 1. Crowd pleaser!!!!!

Great work men. RIP is inspiring. YHC hopes to be 1/2 as fit one day as he is at 71!