• When: 2018-01-15
  • QIC: CornStache
  • The PAX: SubPrime, Oscar, Huffy, Polo, Welcome Week, Gump, Stent, Cesspool, DriveBy, CornStache

Ramble goes right round round round

The conventional speed day at Ramble is designed to get you as winded as can be while running sprints or smashing your face in to some hill for 20 minutes.  This morning 10 pax went at speed a little differently.

Conditions: 27 degrees

The thang: a quick 1/2 mile warm up jog to the corner of Maple and Duncan for

  • Maple to Woodrow on Duncan at 5K pace (~200 yards).
  • Recover from Duncan to Monroe on Woodrow (~150 yards).
  • Woodrow to Maple on Monroe at 5K pace (~200 yards).
  • Recover from Monroe to Duncan on Maple (~150 yards).

Rinse repeat times 10.  Jog back to the flag for COT and BOM by YHC.


  • All together the pax did 20 200 yard repeats at 5K race pace.  That’s 2.5 miles at 5K race pace.
  • Total workout was 5.1 miles long….. on a speed day.
  • This was a great mental workout.  By the end, you learned how to dial in that 5K pace in an instant.