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  • QIC: Duckie
  • The PAX: 

WOW for 1/8 to 1/13

A common trend in F3 workouts is the following:

  1. Q wants to have a tough workout,
  2. Q designs a workout with some CSAUP calls,
  3. CSUAP calls have A LOT of reps done at once,
  4. Pax can’t do all the reps properly so they:
    1. do the reps with bad form, or
    2. go slowly and do them right.

And we all know that 4b rarely happens, and that most (including YHC on occasion) end up in 4a.

Why do pax do the reps with bad form?  Well, there are some legitimate (but not good) reasons like:

  • want to keep your heart rate up, and/or
  • don’t want to do merkins for 10 minutes.

There are, of course, non-legitimate reasons like wanting to finish first, but let’s skip those since YHC knows none of you would do that.

So, why not do fewer reps?  We do say “modify as needed” don’t we?  Well, the problem with doing fewer reps is you felt like you cheated.  YHC has done fewer reps on occasion, and not once has YHC felt good about it.  With fewer reps you feel like your cheating the Q and your fellow pax, with bad form your only cheating yourself.  Maybe it’s our pax desire to live 3rd that leads them down the bad form route.

The problem with bad form is it leads to injury, more bad form, lack of improvement, injury, and more bad form again.  It gives F3 a bad name, and your bad form leads to others using bad form.

First and foremost, the form of the pax in on the Q.  Make calls your pax can do, and if they can’t tell them to modify (yell at them if needed).  None of us want to modify, none, as the Q you consistently have to remind that form is the key.  1 good rep is better then 10 bad ones.

Second, oh smart readers, the form is on you. Use good form and the pax next to you will as well.  Don’t rush through the workout.  You don’t have to yell at the man next to you.  Just lead by example.

WOW: this was the toughest choice to date.  There were over a dozen BB’s to choose from this week, and 2 bootcamp AOQ change over’s (Legion and Hammer).  Both were worthy of WOW status.  That being said, this weeks WOW comes from last Tuesday’s Hammer Q’d by Duckie.  Billy Bob was given the reins from Collar after the workout.

The Thang: Grab some blocks head down Briarfield to the bottom of the hill. Line them up along the sides of the road and circle up. Disclaimer.

First round to BAMA…

Following exercises performed for 3 sets, 1 at the bottom, 1 at the top, 1 more at the bottom. Pause between each exercise to wait for the PAX to complete.

  • 10 Burpees
  • 20 American Hammers
  • 20 Merkins
  • 5 ABC’s (with a twist! spell out BAMA with the outstretched feet, see how clever!)

Second round to DAWGS…

Circle up with the bricks for the following exercises.

  • 10 Dips
  • 10 Curls
  • 10 Wonderbras (push up then push out)
  • 10 Groanies (AKA bottom burpees)
  • 10 Squats

Run to the top of the hill, 25 SSH IC (why not 23 or 26?? Misfire points out the obvious missed opportunity). Repeat exercises at the top of the hill, run the Ila Loop, hold six until all the PAX arrive, repeat one more round of block exercises.

Return the blocks, head to flag for one last round of BAMA as time expires. Conscensus? Much like last night’s game, BAMA pulls it out in the end.

The Goods: as YHC discussed above, none of the exercise counts are too high on this Q, but work was absolutely done.  Also, you know YHC is a sucker for a well themed workout.  TCLAPS Duckie!


Some events on the horizon.

  • 1/20/18 – Red Shoe Run
  • 1/27/18 – Run With The Saints 5K
  • 1/26/18-1/28/18 – F3 Midlands Grow Ruck
  • 2/3/18 – MGC Long Run
  • 3/3/18 – Run Hard Columbia Half-Marathon
  • 3/10/18 – Woodlands 5K
  • 3/17/18 – Get To The Green 10K/15K
  • 3/23/18-3/24/18 – Palmetto 200
  • 4/14/18 – Daybreak 10 Miler
  • 4/21/18 – Lexington Medical Center Heart/Sole 5 Miler
  • 5/12/18 – Get In The Pink 10K