• When: 2019-04-09
  • QIC: Snapchat
  • The PAX: Jar Jar, Serena, TomTom, Heist, Rosenbagger, Snapchat

Professionalism to spare

Q by #twitterless and #f3loginless Snapchat.

Conditions: 67 degrees, damp, but no rain until driving home 🙂

Tha Thang:

Good Morning and welcome to F3

This is a free, volunteer, peer led workout. I am not a professional. I have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness conditions you may have. It is your responsibility to be safe and modify the workout as necessary. We all do it. The most important thing is that you don’t get hurt.

Mosey in between

Warm Up – Road in front of Parking Lot

C -Wind Mill – Upper Body & Arms

C -Imperial Walkers – Lower Body

C – Little Baby Arm Circles

C –Raise the Roof – Triceps & Shoulders

C -Side Straddle Hop – Arms & Legs

Mosey in between

Part 1 – Basket Ball Courts

O -Bear Crawl length of Court and crab walk back – Arms & Shoulders

C -Little Baby Crunches – Core

O –Alligator Merkins the length of the court, broad jump back

C –Flutter Kicks

Mosey in between

Part 2 – The Hill

O – Lunge x4, Merican x6, on block to the top – hold plank

O – Tricep extensions with block

O – Squats with the block

Group – Bucket Brigade down and up again with 3 blocks #teamwork #couldhavedousedtheentireparkwiththisbrigade

Mosey in between

Part 3 – Tennis Courts

O –Mountain Climbers with a Mule Kick

C – Daft Punk – around the world lunge #JarJarCriesSoftly

C – Hello Dolly

O -Clowneys – 4x Jump Lunges, 4 Merkins (repeat 7)

O -Agassis – half court suicide drills x 8, air chair

Return blocks

4 corner Escalators

20 burpees, 30 merkins, 40 squats, – hold plank



Announcements: Ramble Convergence Friday at Shandon Pres. Looking for a Mission Q soon. Volunteers needed for Harbison 100miler, contact CrabDaddy. CrazyTrain coming up end of June.