• When: 07/29/17
  • QIC: Bounty
  • The PAX: All F3Nation Pax


Join F3York as we host our first ever CSAUP…the Mastodon.

As F3York continues to grow, we decided that we needed to make a mark on the map with an insane (completely stupid) event.  With the overwhelming amount of Pax getting into the ruck craze, a ruck inspired endurance event was conceived.

This event will suck and challenge the most elite down to the beginner depending on what option you choose to participate in. This event will push you to your most extreme limits. Your endurance, strength, speed, mental fortitude, teamwork ability, leadership skills, climate survivability, and overall health/fitness will be tested.

The course will be approximately 14-16 miles minimum.  This mileage can and probably will go up once you add in the 8 AO workouts. Teams of (4) will start together and finish together (teams will be decided at the start of the event)…this will force bonding, teamwork, and fellowship.

The event will start and end at the Dragon AO and proceed to visit each of York’s AOs (minus Guns N Moses…too far out). At each AO there will be a workout, not a pain station, waiting to be completed before continuing. Site Q’s will have full discretion of the workout as long as it is in the design of the actual site. For example…Trinity will be a bootcamp style workout while Gain Station will be a gear/ coupon workout. Runners…yes, you will have to go through the same AOs, so there will be rucks waiting on you to use at the School of Ruck.

This is not a half marathon, not a fun walk, but an endurance ruck inspired event. The Mastodon will offer options to ruck, run, or to do a relay. All options will be conducted in teams of (4).  Ruckers will start at 0300 and have 10hrs to complete, runners will start at 0500 and have 8hrs to complete.

Upon completion of the event we will meet up at the Coal Yard for festivities…more on this will be coming.

Not mandatory, but we are asking for a $10 minimum donation from each participant to help with water, snacks, sports drinks, patches, etc. We are also trying to come up with a shirt to be sold through Mudgear as well as a Velcro patch….designs coming soon.

Hard Commits would be great to have for head count and volunteers definitely welcome to help.

Ruckers will need 30lb weight in pack (if over 150lbs) or 20lb (if under 150), (2) carabiners, 8′ piece of rope or chain that will fit the carabiners, minimum of 2L of water, headlamps, and reflective strips or belts.

Runners will need to carry water either vest, backpack, a headlamp, and reflective gear.


Ruck (Conqueror)-full course

Run (Conqueror)-full course

Relay (Participant)-legs divided up amongst team

7/11/17 update:

Route will be marked the day prior to the event with paint and or signage.

Each workout will be approximately 30-40 minutes long.

For any Pathfinders…this event has been approved to meet the endurance event challenge by Lyell.

Please review mandatory gear as it will hot and dark.

Start and End will be at F3 York’s “Dragon” AO (York Comp High School) 275 E. Alexander Love Hwy York, SC 29745.


  1. Let’s pretend some of us don’t know where F3 York is or the startex AO so could you provide more detail for location and time to start?
    We will add to F3CSAUP.com

    1. July29th…ruckers start at 0300, runners start at 0500…hard end of the event at 1300 for everyone. York, SC is just outside Rock Hill, SC (20-30min south of Charlotte).

  2. Hmmmm. Enticing. Though I have no clue where York resides. Need more info in order to see about Clown Car.
    Banjo from CARPEX (Cary.NC)

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