• When: 05/18/15 - 05/23/15
  • QIC: Q's for each workout as scheduled, Ranger for any questions
  • The PAX: Any PAX willing to accept the Challenge of The Gauntlet

Pre-Blast: The Gauntlet – 6 Workouts 6 Days

The Gauntlet has been Thrown.  Do You have what it takes to accept the challenge?  Can you take on ALL of F3 Lexington and F3 Columbia’s toughest workouts in ONE week?  6 Days 6 Workouts 1 Purpose; To Get Better.  This challenge is open to ALL PAX.  Test yourself against the most challenging workouts in the Columbia/Lake Murray/Lexington Area.  You can’t train for this you just have to Do It.

Looking at the F3 calendar YHC noticed that there were no special events or challenges coming up in May. The GoRuck Heavy – Done, the P200 – Done and MudRun – Done; So what do the Pax have to look forward to in May? Nothing on the calendar yet so lets make something up.  Thus The Gauntlet was born.  Here is what it is:

Monday May 18th @ 5:00 – The Bull (Columbia)

Tuesday May 19th @5:00 – The Reaper – Stadium Edition  (River Bluff HS – Lexington)

Wednesday May 20th @5:00 – The Viper at SnakePit (White Knoll HS – Lexington)

Thursday May 21st @ 5:00- The Kamikaze at Turning Point (Midway ES – Lexington)

Friday May 22nd @ 5:00 – The Reaper – Hill Edition (River Bluff HS – Lexington)

Saturday May 23rd @ 7:00 – Battle – (AC Flora HS – Columbia)

Of course RUCKS are welcome at all of these if you want to up the level of intensity. We know how some of you LOVE YOUR RUCKS (Battle workouts vary by Q so use your judgement there)

We didn’t pick just any 6 workouts, we picked what we think are 6 of the most high intensity workouts in the Area.

This may be the first of many or the one and only depending on the PAX response so lets make this thing happen!

If you can’t make all 6 Workouts make as many as you can.

HC on this Pre-Blast if you are up for the challenge of The Gauntlet!

0 thoughts on “Pre-Blast: The Gauntlet – 6 Workouts 6 Days”

  1. Well I was gonna catch up on my sleep and rest my body that week since im on vacation, but….. there’s too many stairs in these workouts to pass up…HC

  2. I think a Saturday double down of Battle and then Mission at 8:30 at Finley Park would put a nice cap on this challenge. Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town that Saturday.

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