• When: 2019-01-15
  • QIC: Chewy/Pondo
  • The PAX: Chewy, Ash, Bidet, BloodWork, Teddy, Odyssey, Cuddles, Bell, Happy Trees, Silver Bullet, Foxhole, Pipeline, Pondo

Peaceful Transition of Power at the Shed

We demonstrated to our political leadership at large that the Shed knows how handle transitions of power.  We took turns leading the workout and Chewy handed over the reins to Ash.  No protests, no coups, no deep state intrigue. Ash is probably the youngest AOQ in the history of the world, but we know he’s ready.  Bell cried.  Chewy sighed and planned more brewery tours.  The Woodshed continues to build leaders.  Thank you Chewy for your hard work and dedication to the pax.  Ash, we know you’re a millennial and all, but we still expect great things.