• When: 6/26/2017
  • QIC: Turnpike
  • The PAX: Wham!, Kamikaze (#Respect), FreeBird, Fudd (#Respect), Data (#Respect), Slapshot, Backstop, Hambone, Special K (#Respect), Katniss, Bubbles, FNG – Turncoat (Mark Cecchini), Turnpike

Paying the Toll at #TheCastle

Conditions – 70 something and dark


The Thang:

Butt Kicks * 20 (IC)

High Knees * 20 (IC)

Through the Tunnel * 20 (IC)

Old Man Arm Circles – Forward * 20 (IC)

Old Man Arm Circles – Backward * 20 (IC)

SSH * 20 (IC)

We moseyed to bottom of hill: AYG sprints to top * 2 – Al Gore, slowsey back to bottom. Bernie Sanders ½ way, lunge walk to top, then Al Gore * 1.  Back to COT


C – Crunches * 20 (OYO)

H – Hammers * 20 (OYO)

E – Elevens of Squat Jumps (OYO)

E – Elevens of Mercans (OYO)

C – Crunches * 20 (OYO)

H – Hammers * 20 (OYO)


Tricep Extends with Bricks * 20 (IC)

Standing Butterfly with Bricks * 20 (IC)

Flutter Kicks * 20 (IC)

Chest Press with Bricks * 20 (IC)

Boulware’s with Bricks (Curls with fingers extended up) *20 (IC)

Pull Over Chest Press with Bricks * 20 (IC)

Jump Rope –30 seconds, recover, 45 seconds, recover, 60 seconds, recover

Boulware’s with Bricks *10 (OYO)

Bricks back to pile

Fast SSH * 20 (IC)

Through the Tunnel * 20 (IC)

COT/BOM: Turnpike


  • Welcome Turncoat to F3 Nation. EH’s in front of the M could be the answer for FNG’s. Glad to have you Mark.
  • Special thanks to Data for posting with us on his brief Cola visit – great seeing my F3 sponsor again.
  • #MumbleChatter was strong on the Jump Ropes. It was definitely easier 30 years ago.


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