• When: 06/22/2017
  • QIC: Abby Womback
  • The PAX: Dufresne, Harper Valley, Timber, Bolt, Red Barron, Wojo, Short Circuit, Neon, Ponzi, Skipper, Pot Hole, Flight Risk, Hope Solo, Lizard Man, Orville, Mayhem, Ratchet, Stats, Snookie, Shrute, Abby Womback.

June 22, 2017- Abby Wambach-Q

Muggy, warm SC morning… Lots of sweat was left all over downtown Camden!Disclaimer-FNG’s- no new today-Mosey around tennis courts to Pantheon circle up-Side Straddle Hops x 25 IC-Imperial Walkers x 25 IC-Squats x 25 IC-Crucible Merkins x 15 OYO-All Mosey to alley on Lyttleton Street- Woodchoppers x25 IC, Hillbilly Walkers x25 IC, Plank sequence- (high, low, high, low, starfish R, starfish L, low, high)-Mosey to Elem. School Bus overhang-Pairs- 100 Mercans -run bus circle, 125 squats- run bus circle, 125 LBCs -(P2 run around bus circle)-Indian Run to lot on Fair Street- SSH x25 OYO, Air Presses x30 OYO, Flutter Kicks x 40 OYO-Mosey to grass outside tennis court- Captain Thor- 1:4 ratio of Sit ups to LBCs (you guys are lucky- it was supposed to be American Hammers- but the result was the same- lots of groans). Up to 5 BB situps and 20 LBCs-Chili Broad Jump- 4-5 feet apart- low plank- PAX jumps over PAX through whole line. Sprint from one end back the beginning.To the Tennis Court for a suicide/Bobby Hurley finale! Bobby Hurley x 30COTCount-O-Rama- PAX 21 Announcements- Photo was taken to support F3 Lexington Cheech. Q read a text from Abacus who is at Philmont Boy Scout Camp hiking with his Eagle Scout son. Traveled 52 miles so far with 3 days to go to get to 62. Praised his F3 shape to surviving the trip. Only one shower since June 11 so not much will have changed there when he returns….BOM

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