• When: 2018-04-26
  • QIC: Jar Jar
  • The PAX: Bell, Chewy, Caboose, Jar Jar

Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol, Be There on the Double!!

Conditions: Doesn’t matter, we’ve got fur!

Intro: Theme music from Paw Patrol

So I was part of the original gang when the Woodshed opened up Labor Day 2014 (technically 3 days later, but who’s counting?), and that was my home base for the following couple of years. It was also where many unsuspecting pax enjoyed (term used loosely) some rather creative workouts under my watch, usually with some sort of theme with music, props, and associated exercises (I’m still partial to the Zombie Run and the Shackleton). Alas, when I moved primarily to Legion, I showed my age and got much more boring (the workouts did not go easier though, we just got better). (Have you noticed I love parentheses yet?). Well, when Chewy asked me back for a guest Q, I felt obligated to bring back the good old thematic days. It was the leasht I could do. NO JOB IS TOO BIG, NO PUP IS TOO SMALL!

YHC has a passel of kids, all of which watch Paw Patrol regularly, therefore I can tell you all the gadgets, habits, and skills of each character in great detail. (Alas, the pax today did not share that knowledge, and paid the price.) What better way to triumphantly return with a Paw Patrol/animal themed workout? I guess old nightmares must have prevented most of the pax from posting, but the 4 of us did plenty of pawing around. LETS DIVE IN!

Disclaimer (These paws uphold the laws!)

Tha Thang: Mosey to The Lookout

Warmup COP: Quick SSH, LBACs, OHC, Windmill, Imperial Squat Walkers, Merkins, LBCs. Nobody needed a Pawdicure just yet. Mosey to the Pup Park

5 Burpups, sprint across field, 5 jump-tucks, sprint back. R&R x 3 total. DON’T LOSE IT, REUSE IT! Mosey to bleachers.

Bulgarian Split Squat x 10 each leg. Mosey to hill. I’M ALL FIRED UP!

Backwards Bear Crawl up hill, rinse and repeat. RUBBLE ON THE DOUBLE!

Begin Caterpillar (like a cross between leapfrog, Tunnel of Love, and Indian Run), go about 30 meters. I’m beginning to hear YELPS FOR HELP!

Lunge walk towards field. Circle up. Some pax starting to look like they need a ruff ruff rescue. On arrival, do some Mary including V-ups.

Paw Patrol trivia challenge. Every correct answer gets 2 burpees for the group, incorrect answers get 4 burpees. Alas, only 1 correct answer from the pax (and it was a guess), so total 24 burpees. The correct answers: PP is from Canada, the creator also created Bob the Builder, Rockys catchphrase is don’t lose it, reuse it, Sky is the youngest pup, Zuma drives a hovercraft, and Skye is a cockapoo. LET’S DIG IT!

Lots of dew on the ground to help us NOAH’S MILE. Time to ready, set, get wet! 4 corner rectangle about 25 yards per side. Each corner is an assigned exercise (really just a break) including merkins, iron cross, jump-tucks, and BBSUs. Animal walks to each station, must use EACH animal walk once once forwards and backwards. To include Bear Crawl, One-legged Bear Crawl, Inchworm, Crabwalk, and Dragonwalk. Done for about 15 minutes, so more like Noahs Quarter-Mile, but trust me, it was enough. Anymore would have been impawshable.

CHASE IS ON THE CASE! (back to the parking lot). PAW PATROL IS ON A ROLL!

3 MOM, including my favorite boat, canoe, barge, and Supermans.



Strong work gentlepups! A round of appaws for you. I hope it wasn’t a mastiff waste of your time. Thank you so mush for having me.

Announcements: I can’t remember any.

Devo: Repeato of importance of learning the Word of God by heart, and invitation to join the F3 Scripture Memory Project @f3Sword .