• When: 2018-04-26
  • QIC: Sparky
  • The PAX: Carpool, Tuber, Flux, Holy Water, Revco, Grills, Rafter, Carville, Hall Pass, Stirrups, See Saw, Howler, Sparky

Great material for a spirited winkie

13 Pax arrived this morning for a very comfortable time of fellowship, rabblerousing and the typical flatulence courtesy of Carville.

After four years of suffering Q’s with a flaccid winkie…you know the type, the ones that deteriorate when wet and are uncomfortable to hold when in a zip-lock bag, YHC was excited to try his new winkie construction technique, which proved to work quite well.  Thankfully the new winkie worked well for the duration of the workout, and can now safely decompose in the landfill.

Unfortunately the winkie was accidentally sent to said landfill before writing this backblast


Weather:  mostly clear, 48 degrees

The Thang:


Mosey to Eagles Nest parking



30 Imperial Walkers IC

20 Squats IC

10 LBCs IC


Mosey to somewhere mid Intermediate School parking, under a light

10 double merkin burpees OYO (two merkins for each burpee…just like it sounds)


Mosey to the hill in front of Chapin Elem.

11’s on the hill…American Hammer at bottom (double count), lunge at top (double count)


Four Corners around the hills at the school.

Corner 1 – 2 merkins

Corner 2 – 20 squats

Corner 3 – 20 big boy sit ups

Corner 4 – 20 monkey humpers

Repeat 15, 10, 5


Mosey back to flag




  • Hall Pass could use help on Saturday moving.


  • Prayers for Moss family.
  • King family for loss.
  • Elvis’ M’s recovery


Be Accountable http://fcaresources.com/devotional/be-accountable