• When: 03/09/17
  • QIC: Ronda
  • The PAX: Honey Do, Prairie Dog, Scuttlebutt, Two Gloves, Hatter, Viagra

Only Suicides

7 PAX participated in a suicides-only workout. Everything we did was based on some kind of suicide.

  1. Using islands in a parking lot (3 of them), we ran a suicide performing 5 burpees at each stopping point, including baseline. We ran through this two times in a row.
  2. Similar to the above, but we switched out the burpees. We changed the baseline stopping point to 10 jump squats and the other two points to mercans.
  3. On a two-court wide tennis court, we used baseline plus three stopping points. We bear-crawled out and crab-walked back.
  4. Same as number 3, but we switched to gorilla shuffle.
  5. Using every single line on the tennis courts, we lunged walked a massive suicide course. At each stopping point we added a squat (started at 1, ended at about 16 or so).
  6. Using a field with widely spaced light polls (4 of them), ran out and back-peddled back.
  7. Same as above, but we performed one-leg vertical leaps (a more extreme manly version of skipping). We added 10 burpees to the end of this.

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