• When: 11/21/2015
  • QIC: Serena
  • The PAX: Silver Bullet, Backhoe, Bubs, Papercut, Papa Smurf, Low Dot & Serena

No Rest for the Shed!

It was a normally light attended Woodshed on Saturday, but work was done by willing PAX ready to finish-out the week and get a little R&R! Mumble chatter was light besides the #crowdpleasers!

The Thang:

Quick mosey to front of Meadowfield School. Circle-up for:

SSH, LBACs front & back, Overhead Claps, Imperial Squakers, Mountain Climbers, LBCs.

Switch over to curbs in front of school for “Clock Merkins” x Each 5 IC (Incline, Left Hand on Curb, Decline, Right Hand on Curb.

Switch back to grass for Ab Circuit: 45 deg, In and Outs, 6″, Flutter Kicks, 6″, Freedom Twists.

Switch over to curbs for Clock Merkin repeats (#crowdpleaser).

Switch back to grass for repeat of Ab Circuit.

Split into 2 Teams, Lineup for Ark Loader Indian Run Races (big #crowdpleaser). Beacrawl Indian Run in the grass from one end of circle pickup to the other. Return with Duck Walk Indian Run. Return with Bearcrawl Indican Run.

Mosey to get bricks.

Circle-up for Alt Curls for Girls, Overhead Press, Tricep Press, Napalms, Burpees (with or without bricks), Flutter Kick-Flys with Bricks.

Indian Run with Bricks L. Galway, L. Olde Knight back to AO.

In grass near AO, Freedom Twists, 10 Burpees OYO.

Indian Run with Bricks on side of Rec Center back of school property, along fence line back to return bricks.

Mosey back to AO for YHC Plank Sequence, then Dealers Choice with Bubs, Low Dot, Papa Smurf, Backhoe, and Silver Bullet

Announcements: Thanskgiving Convergence @ Brickpile (6 & 7 AM), 12/15 F3 Cola Christmas Party @ Kings Grant

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