• When: 2019-09-09
  • QIC: Swingline
  • The PAX: Binary, Baconator, Blooper, Ruby, Backstop, Swingline

No Hope Hill Part 3

6 pax descended upon the muggy gloom of F3 Valhalla ready to renew their love/hate relationship with No Hope Hill.  Guys sought to maintain or improve their times and it was clear from the start that work would be done.


Conditions: 75 and muggy

The Thang:

Each Lap consists of

Burpees, LBCs, Merkins, and Plank Jacks.  Start at 20 reps and go down by 1 each lap.


Swingline – 5.25 (PR)

Binary – 5 (PR)

Baconator – 4.75

Blooper – 4.5 (PR)

Backstop – 4.5 (PR)

Ruby – 4 (PR)

Great work men.  Now we’re ready to get toasted by the Week 2 Iron Pax Challenge.

BOM – Swingline

COT – Swingline