• When: 2019-09-10
  • The PAX: Hopper-R, Bo Knows-R, Spackle-R, Dance Machine, Shades of Grey, Rebar, Cartwheel, JoePa, Toe Ring, Whisper, Weekend Special, Netflix, Dunphy, Mid-Range (R), Digger, Bulldog, Double Dribble, Toolbox


Its important to keep the PAX guessing this month…and every now and then, throwing in a full body workout.  So, we spent the full 45 minutes busting our tails today.  Proud of the guys as they pushed themselves today to navigate 15 pain stations while throwing in a little cardio and LBCs to keep Spackle happy.

Conditions:  brutal…85 degree real feel at 5:30 am.  That;s just wrong!



TTT x 15

IWs x 15

Thanks to Toe Ring, we got this morning’s pain stations setup during the halftime of the brilliant Saints-Texans game.  We set up all the stations of bricks, blocks, and one giant log at the top of the hill (concrete path) that leads down to the track.  A cone was placed at the bottom of the hill.

The goal was to get thru all 15 pain stations in 45 minutes.  Once you finished a station, you jog down to the cone to complete LBCs x 10 and then run back to a new pain station.

Pain stations were as follows:

Plank Jacks x 100

Mtn Climbers x 100

SSHs x 100

Seated Log Press x 80

Chest Press with block x 80

Shoulder press with bricks or block x 80

Curls with blocks x 60

Tricep extensions with bricks or blocks x 60

Goblet Squats with block x 60

BBSUs with feet in the block x 40

Iron Crosses while static press block x 40

American Hammers with block x 40

Man Makers with block x 20

Incline Merkins on block x 20

Decline Merkins on block x 20

It was a tough one.  Joe Pa told YHC that we can wrap up that Q and never, ever bring it back out to Graveyard.  Impressive commentary.  Joe Pa also ran 2 miles before hand, so he may have been a little delirious.

T-Claps to all who put in the work this morning.


Fuel tomorrow morning

Part IV of the Bulldog September Q this Thursday

9/11 Never Forget Challenge on 9/21/19 at Smokehouse in Batesburg-Leesville.  four man teams and Ruck teams are allowed.  $25 a man.  t-shirt included

Prayer Requests:

Tumber getting healthy and back to Graveyard.  We miss you Tumblesauce….

Unspoken prayer request

Cartwheel co-worker lost a loved one