• When: 07/09/2015
  • QIC: Honey Do
  • The PAX: Hot Tub, Hatter, Templeboy, Senator, Blackwater , Fracker , Hamm , Meso , Warden , Viagra , Frigate,Honey Do

No #Fartsacks here

12 Brave,left the #fartsack at home,to come to the #gloom for a Honey Do beat down!!

Weather: 73?  Humid as….



50 Carolina Dry Dock IC

25 Burpees


Incline / Decline / 1 arm-Switch / Diamond / Block on back = Merkins-120 total

75 Calf Raise w/ Block

50 V-Ups w/ Block

25 Arm Curl Rinse/Repeat X4 w/ Block = 100 Arm Curl

Tennis Court:

4 Set Suicide:

W/ Ex… after each Suicide

Normal Su / 50 Squats ,Crab Walk Su / 50 lunges(25 ea leg) , Bear Crawl Su 50 Sumo Squats , Fireman Carry Su

Last: Burpee’s until failure or time…

Props!!! New Guys hung in there…..Great Job!


Sign-up on Q Calendar

Prayer for Binary…Family & Wrist

BOM Led by Templeboy


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