• When: 11/5/2015
  • QIC: Dry Heave
  • The PAX: OBC, Nails, FOG, Dry Heave, Bromo, Trojan

“My name spells Burpee.”

Six PAX arrived at #Score this morning ready to do work, and work was accomplished. YHC always enjoys the opportunity to Q at #Score, and today was no different.

Conditions: 65 degrees

The Thang:


Warm-Up COP:
-Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
-Overhead Claps x 20 IC
-SSH x 20 IC
-Merkins x 15 OYO
-Squat Jumps x 10 OYO

Mosey to the Big Field

YHC discovered this drill while reading Boris’s Backblast from Brickpile on Monday. Sounded like a worthwhile way to spend time, so here is the deal:

Every letter in the alphabet is assigned an exercise and the reps you will do for that letter of the alphabet. Each pax spells out their full name, their F3 name and completes the assigned exercise and # of reps for each letter of their full name and F3 name. Complete as many rounds as possible, OYO, within 15 minutes. When you complete your names, start over and do it again. Keep moving between exercises at a fast paced intensity (while focusing on proper form) throughout the 15 minutes.

Here is the alphabet with the assigned exercise and number to be completed for each letter of your full name and F3 name.

A – 25 Plank Jacks B – 20 LBC’s C – 30 Squats D – 15 Merkins E – 1 Min people’s chair F – 10 Burpees G – 25 Plank Jacks H – 20 Squats I – 10 Burpees J – 15 LBC’s K – 10 Merkins L – 1 Min people’s chair M – 10 Burpees N – 15 Burpees O – 20 Squats ’s P – 25 Russian Twists Q – 30 LBC’s R – 15 Merkins S – 10 Burpees T – 15 Squats U – 25 Russian Twists V – 1 Min Wall Sit W – 10 Burpees X – 25 Russian Twists Y – 10 LBC’s Z – 20 Merkins

Naturally, this drill is completed OYO, and some pax (see moleskin) quickly discover that their name spells out a rather challenging sequence of exercises. Good times.

Mosey to Hollywood Squares:

15 Dips
20 Box Jumps (or step ups/20 each leg)

Rinse and Repeat x 3

Mosey to Dreher front lot and partner up for Bear Crawls/Crab Walks:

P1: Bear Crawl from school to sidewalk
Lunge Walk back

P2: People’s Chair

Switch up and repeat

P1: Crab Walk from school to sidewalk
Lunge Walk back

P2: People’s Chair

Switch up and Repeat

Mosey to side parking lot for Mary:

25 Flutter Kicks IC
20 Rosalita’s IC
25 Flutter Kicks IC
20 LBC’s IC
Boat/Canoe x 5

COT/BOM (with Brickpile)


-Nails: “My entire name literally spells ‘Burpee.’

-Strong work today by all PAX. #Score has a great group of men, and it’s always an honor to join them in the #gloom.


-This Saturday, 11/7, will be the biggest expansion day in the history of F3, with launches in Knoxville, Savannah and Augusta. Keep EH’ing any #SadClowns you know in any of these cities. You needed it. They need it too. #GiveItAway.

-Christmas Party on Dec. 15th at Kings Grant Clubhouse.

-Keep Rosco’s nephew Rikard Best in your prayers as he begins a new treatment.

Devotion by Logo: Thoughts and advice from John Wesley on surrendering yourself to the Lord.

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