• When: 11/07/15
  • QIC: Ditto
  • The PAX: PurplePony, PurplePappy, SlowPitch, CheeseSteak, Birdman, Floater, Tweetsie, Fig Newton, Valdez, Demo, LordBusiness, Spidey FNG's: Dark Rose, Rainbow Warrior, Dynomite, TapeWorm, GoldDust, ChocolateDrop, Batman, Captain Swoosh, Mombo

My Little Pony

Conditions: 68 and Foggy

Disclaimer provided with an assignment to always plank for last man.

Here’s the backdrop: A week ago Reefer our fearless leader and John Combs (head basketball coach @ Ridge View High) asked that I lead the boys trying out for his Varsity team in an “Old man workout”.  Little did they know I was salivating at the opportunity. You see…I’m a Viking and Ridge View was founded as I was transitioning from middle school.  They were not our true rival but they were within city limits.  And, I’m a basketball lover and naturally love suicides as my Go-To workout.  Punishing these boys with MANY reps and non stop movement was good but the opportunity to provide a positive message was better.  John is known to his F3 family as Purple Pony.  Naturally his boys are a reflection of him.  Let’s get started with RV facts and see the strength of these little ponies.

The 2014-2015 RV Varsity basketball team finished with a record of 11-13.

  1. First exercise is 1,113 merkins as a group in cadence.  Yours truly fizzled at 1,056….
  2. Suicides in The Cage. Disclaimer: I, nor any F3 man, should finish before every Ridge View player.  Will rinse and repeat if it happens.  RV won by one

The 2015-2015 RV Varsity basketball team finished with a record of 5-5 in the region.

  1. 55 Little Arm Circles in cadence, 10 second rest
  2. 55 Shoulder Press in cadence
  3. Suicides in The Cage.  Floater pushed but RV won by one again

How many losses did Ridge View have in 2014?

  1. 13 Burpees OYO

Ridge view was founded in what year?

  1. 1995 Squats as a group in cadence (finished @ 1,100)
  2. Suicides.  Victory goes to RV
  3. 1,100 more Squats as a penalty for non completion in round one
  4. Suicides.  Victory goes to RV
  5. Hustler Merkins in cadence i.e. 1 merkin and 4 shoulder press until we reach 10 and 40.  Yours truly began to fizzle at 7 merkins and completed with a less than stellar stat line on shoulder presses.
  6. Suicides.  Victory goes to RV

How many points did Spring Valley win by in two games against Ridge View?

  1. 22 Carolina Dry Dock OYO
  2. Suicides

Mosey to The Wall. What is the significance of 39?  Player answers with how many points they lost by to Irmo.  No.  It was how many points they lost to Zion Lutheran by on 12/13/14.

  1. 39 Seconds of Balls to the Wall

Mosey to the bricks and take back The Field

4 Corners:

30 Front Shoulder lifts and lunge walk 40 yards

30 Shoulder Circles (arms down) and lunge walk 40 yards

30 Should Press and lunge walk 40 yards

42 Side Shoulder Lifts and lunge walk 40 yards

What was the significance of 42?  Pax had no answer.  The point differential between Irmo and RV in Irmo’s favor

What was the significance of 30?  Pax had no answer.  Brain loss is setting in by this time.  The point differential against Johnson in RV’s favor!

Put bricks back and mosey to the CarPool Circle

  1. 20 Dips and 20 Sit and Explode, run the circle and plank
  2. 40 LBC’s

Slow Pitch takes over for 6 minutes of pain

  1. 6 Inches for waaaay too long (on your back feet 6 inches in air w/ legs fully extended)
  2. 6-12 (feet up and down with full leg extension on back)
  3. 6 Inches Clockwise and Counter

Mosey back

Closing time:  My son regularly reminds me through his actions that he tends to focus on the positive. The point of today’s workout was to focus on the positive but don’t forget the pain.  The pain of the past can push you to greater heights.  Don’t let the past determine your future.  Let it drive your present to future goals.  Along the way don’t forget to sharpen the men beside you to strive for the same.  Thank you to John Combs for bringing the boys out and allowing me the opportunity to make them better.  Good luck to the RV Varsity Basketball team!

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