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Mud Run 2014 Bootcamp

25 PAX (incuding 3 FNG’s) posted at Bickpile to begin training for the MUD RUN 2014. Not knowing that Beano would be channeled and the Side Straddle Hop would be as bad as it was, they powered through to set new records and challenge existing ones. Monday regulars showed the convergence PAX the proper way to blast through the SOD’s. We opened up with a BOM and Lord’s prayer to get the THANG started off of the right foot.

Lunge Walk to middle of the field to circle up.
20 SSH (4 count)
20 Mountain Climbers (4 count)
20 Merkins (4 count)
20 LBC’s (4 count)
20 Calf Raises (4 count)

Mosey to Hollywood Squares:
15 Incline Merkins (4 count)
20 Step ups (each leg)
15 Decline Merkins (Single count)
20 Hop ups
15 Dips (4 count)

Mosey to back parking lot for SODS:
SODS including lunge walks, side walk squats, high knees, and sprint to finish.
Rest for 1 minute
Rinse and Repeat x 3

Mosey to brickpile and carry bricks to end of practice football field for Suicidal Plank:
In plank position
front arm raises with bricks 10 each arm (30 second rest)
side arm raises with bricks 10 each arm (30 second rest)
kick backs with bricks 10 each arm (1 minute rest)
walking plank with bricks 10 left and 10 right

Mosey to wall with bricks for Peoples Chair:
1 minute with bricks at 90 degrees (30 second rest)
1 minute with bricks (alternating from front arm shoulder raise to military press) (30 second rest)
1 minute with bricks doing curls

Back to brickpile to divorce the bricks

Circle up for final session:
80 Flutter kicks (Stopped just short of Beano’s record for the 82nd Airborne. No way a mortal man can do 83.)
100 SSH (4 count)
25 Chaser LBC’s (4 count)

Wheel of Fortune with appearances by:
The one and only Heartbreaker
Jacobs Ladder Merkins (no recovery)
5 Regular (4 count)
4 Wide Arm (4 count)
3 Diamond (4 count)
Cheesy’s own:
25 Rosa Lita’s or Taco’s (4 count) (no recovery)
15 6 Inches (spread ‘em, together…you get the picture)

McLovin finished us off with 15 Iron Crosses.

COT with Governor’s Cup guys doing 11 strong miles

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