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Monday #cinderblockblast at The Castle

9 Pax #tooktheredpill this morning, and chose to get better at The Castle.

Conditions – 60 and clear


The Thing – collect your motivation #cinderblock, followed by:

Round 1 – 20 SSH x 4 ct, 15 TTT x 4 ct, 15 LBAC – F x 4 CT, 15 LBAC-R x 4 CT, 20  Overhead Press with Block x 4 CT, 20 Curls x 4 CT, 15 LBC’s OYO, followed by Parking lot run loop.

Round 2 – 20 Chest Press with block x 4 ct , 20 Flutter Kicks with Block in Press Position x 4 ct, 20 Kamikaze Pullover Press (TM) #crowdpleaser, 15 LBC’s OYO, 20 Kamikaze V-Ups (TM) with block #crowdpleaser2, followed by left hand carry, right hand carry around Whoville.

Round 3 – Cusack blocks to Castle Hotbox – wall sit with block doing curls, wall sit overhead press with block, wall sit – no blocks, inverted handstand on wall #crowdpleaser3.

Round 4 – Cusack blocks to picnic tables 15 x 4 Ct Triceps Dip, Step up X 10 each leg,  10 x 4 Ct Triceps Dip, Step up X 5 each leg, 10 x 4 Ct Triceps Dip, Step up X 5 each leg,

Round 5 – Cusack blocks to parking lot – left hand carry, right arm carry, overhead carry as we did 3 laps around Whoville and the parking lot.

Round 6 – almost time to put the blocks up – lined up at Whoville and did #blockburpees to the Shovel Flag #crowdpleaser4 and done.

Solid work by the Pax this AM – great way to start the week!

Devotion – brief but focussed…


Kamikaze out.