• When: 2018-06-23
  • QIC: Serena
  • The PAX: Training Wheels (R), Heisenberg (R), Enterprise, King James, Swabby, Serena

Missing the Mission PAX

YHC was asked to Q today’s workout. It’s always an honor to serve the men that have been or are currently in Oliver Gospel Mission’s Recovery Program. Numbers were light (nobody actively in the Program joined us…and we certainly missed them), but we put in some work and remembered those that weren’t with us. We’ve been getting back to core at The Mission, so no running planned today.

After opening prayer, we circled up for the first set of exercises that gave a nod to Enterprise who has become one of the adopted son’s of F3 in the Midlands. This young man loves the burpee, so I gave the PAX in attendance a constructed and deconstructed version of this beloved exercise.

Windmill x10 4 ct IC (nothing to do with a burpee, just a warmup exercise to lull PAX into a sense of complacency, then…)

5 Burpees OYO

Jump Squats x10 OYO

4 Burpees

Merkins x10 4 ct IC

3 Burpees

Plank Jumps x10 OYO

2 Burpees

Squats x10 4 ct IC

1 Burpee.

The PAX loved it so much that we worked our way back up the ladder (basically same exercises as above, but in reverse).

Next we Lunge Walked 10 each leg until we reached the terraced walls headed up to Assembly St. Along the way we performed American Hammers, Plank Jacks, and Mountain Climbers.

At the terraced walls, we climbed each wall, afterwards performing:

10 Plank Jumps on Level 1

20 Squats on Level 2

30 Mountain Climbers on Level 3

40 High Knees on Level 4

50 Side Straddle Hops on Level 5.
Again, the PAX loved it so much we decided to work our way back down the ladder (performing same exercise as above, in reverse while moseying down the sidewalk instead of climbing down the walls).

When we reached the bottom, we had a recovery walk, then headed back to the start by performing Karakoe facing one side, then another, and finally with a round of Indian Bear Crawls (yeah, that’s like an Indian Run, but by doing a Bear Crawl; #CrowdPleaser).

We had a little time left so we completed: LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Peter Parkers, and partner Iron Crosses and Decline Merkins. The final exercises were a nod to Zuckerberg (Crab Cakes) and Spokes (Goofballs).

Announcements: June 30 The Mission is the last stop on the Crazy Train with Enterprise on Q. Columbia AOs visit The Mission during the month of July. Mark your calendars for August 3rd for annual F3 The Mission cookout at Pine Island.