• When: 2018-05-22
  • QIC: Jar Jar
  • The PAX: Corndog, Heist, Rosenbagger, Bookworm, Serena, TomTom, Barium, Jar Jar


Conditions: Warm and muggy

Tha Thang: 8 faithful posted on a blanketish day for an atypical Q. Usually I like fast-paced, moving quickly from one highly-varied exercise to another, using all body parts. But, sometimes it is good to focus a little more, and relentless repetition (with variations) can be a good thing, especially for a fit crowd like the Legion pax who can breeze through anything less than serious focused punishment.


Single-file Indian Run between all stations. All sets ended with holding plank or canoe for the 6. Total 1.6 miles covered together.


COP: 4 counts of SSH x 25, LBAC x 30, Imperial Squat Walkers x 10, Russian Twists x 25, Merkins x 20 2ct OYO. Mosey.

Lunge walk to playground from road. Partner up. P1 10 Pullups, P2 Deep Squats until P1 complete, flapjack, R and R x 3. Lunge back to road. Pulseups x 15 OYO. Mosey.

Merkins x 20, Pulseups x 15, Mosey.

Diamond Merkins x 15, Pulseups x 15, Mosey.

Widegrip Merkin x 20. Flutter x 50, Hello Dolly x 25, Flutter x 25, nonstop. #crowdpleaser . Mosey.

Merkins with windmill x 10 each side. Pulseups x 15. mosey.

Scorpion Merkins x 20. Heel-tap LBCs x 25. Mosey.

WMEs x 5. Pulseups x 15. Mosey.

Curb merkins, 5 each position. Flutter x 25. mosey.

Hand release Merkins x 20. Russian Twists x 25. Slow count deep squats x 10. Mosey.

Lungewalk to playground. P1 10 pullups, P2 holds plank in the low position (not on elbows, that would be too easy; like in Sally). Flapjack, rinse and repeat x 2.

Clock merkins x each hour around twice. Flutter x 25, Hello Dolly x 25, Flutter x 25 (no rest). Mosey.

LBCs x 25. Merkins x 20. Plankwork x 1minute.


Excellent work gentlemen. And Heist.

Announcements: HDHH will be in a special location (if you don’t know, ask a regular). Crazy Train coming up, be ready. Legion will be making field trips, NOT meeting a Hampton Park.


Devo: Body idolatry. God gave us our physical bodies for a purpose, and He wants them treated and used properly. But, many of us (looking at YHC) make an idol of our bodies and our training. We are to use our bodies primarily for His glory, and also for the building up of the body. Examine yourself, why are you training? Are you trying to help eliminate bodily sins by disciplining yourself? Are you helping your brothers? Are you waiting for the 6? Are you pridefully wanting to look good at the beach, or are you wanting to be trained and ready to be used by God? 1 Cor 9:26, Prov 21:25, 1 Cor 6:12, Matt 6:17, Mark 9:35, Ep 6:10, 1 Pet 1:24-25