• When: 2018-06-05
  • QIC: Corndog
  • The PAX: Froyo, Pondo, Pipeline, Capgun, Ash, Teddy, Odyssey, Onramp, Moneyball, Barium, TomTom, Heist, Chewy, Caboose

Legion/Woodshed Converge-eteria: Puttin’ on the Blitz

YHC and Woodshed AOQ Chewy put our brains together and decided to add a coffee/2nd F feature to our monthly convergence. To do that we needed to slice off the last 15 minutes of the workout.  So easy peasy do the normal workout just shorter right?  Nope.  #ThrowbackTuesday to a former AO “the Blitz” lovingly helmed by YHC’s “Corn brother from another mother” 1st F Q Cornstache.  YHC gathered inspiration from a 2016 backblast (see how useful these things are?) from Costanza to create an an intense 30 minute workout. Both AOs met in the Target parking lot today which is where the PAX would stay and become more familiar with it then they ever wanted. The idea was to split the workout right down the middle, 15 minutes of Burpees, 15 minutes of AMRAPS. This is what 15 men endured:

Conditions: Humid in the mid-60s.  Conditions are perfect – it’s business time.

The Thang:
Legion first 15 minutes: (5 PAX)

Quick warm-up (SSH, Mountain Climbers, Imperial Walkers, Little Baby Arm Circles)

Ladders – Merkins and LBCs
Start at curb at far end by World Market
Sprint to the second parking lot line divider and do 10 merkins; Sprint back to start and do 1 LBC.  Repeat increasing LBCs and decreasing merkins by 1 until done.

Woodshed joins us: (10 add’l PAX)

Quicker warm-up (SSH, Imperial Walkers, Little Baby Arm Circles)

Now for the BLITZ.
30 minutes.  No excuses. Maximum effort. (Disclaimer issued on the Fly. #NotAProfessional)

The workout is split evenly,
15 Minutes Burpees
15 Minutes of AMRAPs.

Sprint to each Parking space stripe, one burpee the full length of the lot and back. (24 stripes = 24 Burpees)
Flutters while waiting on the six.

5 Minute AMRAP:
5 OYO Merkins
5 OYO Jump Squats

Alternate sprinting/Frank Martins to each Parking space stripe, one burpee at each stripe the full length of the lot and back. (24 stripes = 24 Burpees)
Freddie Mercury’s while waiting on the six.

5 Minute AMRAP:
5 OYO Diamond Merkins
5 OYO Walking Lunges
5 OYO Iron Crosses

Bear crawl the distance of 2 Parking space stripes and plank for the 6.
Sprint back to the start.

That’s 15 minutes of burpees/sprinting/frank martins and 15 minutes and countless merkins, abs, and squats.

Workout complete.

BOM : Closed out by Corndog

PAX put in great effort on this workout.  YHC wanted it fast and challenging and the PAX rose to the occasion.  Coffee and 2nd F after made it all worth it.  YHC dubs the inaugural Legion/Woodshed Converge-eteria a success.  Til next month Aye!

– June 16th is the Passing of the Torch to our newest leader of F3 Columbia.  Who will take over the reins from McLovin’ as Nantan?  Post on the 16th to find out.  Attendance is highly encouraged.  If F3 means as much to you as it does to YHC you will want to be there.
-Also on June 16th is the Daddy & Me 5k https://serveandconnect.net/daddy-me-5k/
-June 25th is Crazy Train II week.  Schedule is Bull, Hammer, Armory/Stumble, Thunder, Ramble, Battle/Mission.  All Ozzy’s (finishers of Crazy Train) will get a carbonated beverage of their choice at the following Bar None HDHH.
-July 7th is the Quad-vergence at Mission led by Woodshed/Legion/Stumble/Iron Yard.  Large tires will be involved.