• When: 2018-05-31
  • QIC: Cornwallis
  • The PAX: Pothole, Dufreesnes, Sacajawea, Mayhem, Flight Risk, TreeBark, Skipper, Bolt, Neon, Ratched, Schrute, Timber, Wojo, Abby Wambach, Mayplant, Hope Solo, Harper Valley, Snookie, Big Load, Stats, Magellan, Abacus, Cornwallis.

The Tribe Has Spoken!

Conditions:  74 degrees and extremely humid

Q welcomes the PAX starting at precisely 5:30 a.m.  Makes mention that Wojo had to remind him to schedule himself everynow and then as Q.
“Not a professional .  Modify as needed.”
Exercise Reps IC or OYO
Through the Tunnel X 15 IC
LBAC X 11 Forward only
After the brief warm-up, Q instructs PAX to grab two bricks each and meet at the Tiki Torches.  With tribal music blaring from his trusty boom box, Q informs the PAX that todays theme will be “Survivor F3”.  YHC throws down a packet of Buffs that each PAX member is instructed to wear.  Q instructs PAX to count off in 4s.  Each group to report to a corner of Rectory Square and perform the posted exercises at each corner.
Exercise Reps IC or OYO
Corner 1 Overhead Press X 30 OYO
Bent Over Row X 30 OYO
Front Raises X 30 OYO
Corner 2 Squat Raise X 30 OYO
Merkins X 30 OYO
Curls X 30 OYO
Corner 3 Brick Burpees X 10 OYO
Big Boy Sit-Ups X 10 OYO
Side Raises X 30 OYO
Corner 4 Merkin 1 Arm Raise X 20 20 each arm
Flutter Kicks X 30 Left Right is 1
Regular Squat X 30 OYO
After completion of the 4 corners, each team to complete balance beam obstacle.  1st team to complete task wins reward.  Reward is a two minute water break for all.
Q then instructs PAX to remain in their assigned group.  Each member grabs 1 block and 1 person grab hula hoop.
Person 1 Hula Time
Person 2 Overhead Press X 15 OYO
Person 3 Kettle Bells X 10 OYO
Person 4 Curls X 20 OYO
Person 5 Sit-Ups X 10 OYO
Continue Rotation until all PAX have completed task.
Wojo reminded PAX of F3 Pool Party.  HV’s friend from College started F3 in his community.  Skipper thanked the PAX for all the prayers for his wife and reported she is recovering well.  He also reported that her cancer was caught early thanks to a routine mamogram and he asked that everyone remind their wives to get screened.
  YHC thought of this theme after watching the season finale of Survivor with his family the prior week.   As intended, the hula hoop was completely stupid.  Mayplant makes out as the winner going home with at least 15 buffs.