• When: 2018-06-02
  • QIC: Hope Solo
  • The PAX: Schrute, Harper Valley, Wojo, Abacus, Cornwallis, Sacagawea, Mayhem (Respect), Neon, Tommy Boy, Federer, Bedpan, Hope Solo, Snooki, Situation, and Hero.

Team Building…..and logs. Lots of them.

The morning started out as a slightly somber one given the news the community heard about KP Cassidy. Knowing it was graduation morning and the recent updates on KP Cassidy, the QIC said a few words about how in very trying times, F3 and the greater Camden/Lugoff community have responded with words of comfort, displays of affection, and the ability of the power of prayer to lift others.

The morning’s workout was focused on a little bit of team building and helping out one of our own….by moving a log out of his yard. Mrs. Wojo was elated. 68 degrees and a cool breeze were the perfect conditions for this beast of a workout.


1. Windmill x 12 (in cadence.)

2. LBAC x 12 (forward and backward in cadence).

3. Monkey Humpers—15 OYO.

The Thang:

1. Partner Up. Group 1 grabs a log; Group 2 each partner gets Coupons (Bricks). Mosey to corner of Chestnut/Fair Street.

2. To Union Street:

i. Group 1 lunge walks together with log halfway to Union; Carry Overhead rest of the way.

ii. Group 2: Hallelujah run with Bricks to Union; 100 merkins and 100 BBS with your partner until Group 1 arrives.

iii. After the PAX arrive, Group 1 does 50 Chest Press with logs while Group 2 does Flutterkicks.

3. To Green Street:

i. Group 1 and 2 switch the coupons—Group 1 Halleujah run to Green Street while Group 2 uses the logs to meet up at Green Street.

ii. After all the PAX arrive, Group 2 does 50 Chest Press with logs while Group 1 does Flutterkicks.

4. To Lyttleton Street:

i. Switch up the logs and bricks again between Group 1 and Group 2. Run to Lyttleton Street.

ii. At Lyttleton Street, Group 1 did 25 Squats with the Log. Group 2 performed 25 American Hammers with the Brick.

iii. Drop the coupons at the corner of the street—sigh of relief from the PAX.

5. Indian Run to Flynn Lane—also known as Casa de Wojo. Water Break.

6. After the brief Water Break, it took all the PAX rotating through to move the massive log out of Wojo’s backyard. Carried it and dumped it next to the debris pickup.

i. Side Note: Best part was Wojo directing the PAX (who were doing free yard work) where to specifically place the log for the debris pickup.)

7. Indian Run back to Lyttleton Street.

i. Switch logs/bricks between Group 1 and Group 2 and run to Fair Street.

1. 25 Squats with Log & 23 American Hammers with Brick.

8. Fair Street Rinse and Repeat. (by this point, it was however you could make it).

1. Exercise at Union Street/Halfway/Switching of the Coupons:

a. 25 Log Up Downs

b. 15 Man Makers with the Bricks.

9. Back to Rectory Square:

i. Group 1: 25 log curls with your partner while Group 2 held Six inches. Switch.

10. Return the bricks and logs to the fountain and Mosey to Tennis Court for final portion.

11. Tennis Courts: PAX on the end line.

i. 10 Bobby Hurleys; Sprint to end line; 10 BBS; sprint to end line.

ii. 10 Squat Jumps; Sprint to end line; 5 Burpees; sprint to end line.

We then moseyed back to the flag for COT, Counteramma, and BOM. There were several prayer requests and announcements: It was announced that Wojo’s Mother, Nancy Tucker, will be battling and beating cancer one more time. Please keep Tucker family in prayers. Cornwallis gave a promising update on KP Cassidy and has continued to provide updates on Group Me. Please continue to lift this family up. Snooki arranged for a new breakfast location—BSL. Reviews were promising after the first morning there.


Saturday mornings do not always bring out the best attendance—particularly during the summer months—but your QIC expected a slightly better show-up given the F3 pool party that occurred the following-day. When observing some of the same folks who failed to post/get out of the fart sack the previous day drinking cold, adult beverages pool side, the QIC continued to hear mumble chatter about how certain PAX were “glad” and “happy” to have missed the preceding day’s workout. Despite not being 50, I’ll take that as Respect.