• When: 2019-12-27
  • QIC: Kamikaze
  • The PAX: Katnis, Wham, Grilz, WannaBee "R", Kamikaze "RR"

#LastFridayWorkoutOfTheDecade @theCastle

5 PAX chose to get better at @thecastle this morning – #lastFridayWorkoutofTheDecade

Weather – 49 and cloudy


Block (CB)/Brick (WB) Selection and the fun began

Round 1 – Warm up – TTT 10 x 4 count, WindMill 10 X 4 count, LBAC- F (WB), 20 x 4 ct, LBAC-R WB, 20 x 4 ct, RTR WB – 20 x 4 ct, 20 Fly x 4 ct WB, 20 Dead Lift WB.

Round 2 – Mosey to KG Drive for the KamikazeT M 20 x 20 x 20 – Merkins, LBC’s and Squats – running the Guard Shack Loop with 5 stops – 100 reps each and close to 1/2 mile. – PAX warmed up, pick up CB’s and head  to the Castle Hot Box.

Round 3 – wall sit CB curls 25 x 4 ct, wall sit CB dead lift 20, wall sit no block 2 min., wall sit CB curls 20 x 4 ct, wall sit CB swings x 20. Left arm CB carry around Whoville followed by right arm carry back to circle.

Round 4 – on your six, Flutter Kick with Blocks 20 x 4 ct, Chest Press 25 x 4 ct., 20 x 4 ct Hello Dolly with CB in Press position, Kamikaze V-Up with Blocks,TM x 10 slo count in the extend position, Kamikaze Pull Over Press with CB x 15, followed by – 10 CB Standing K-Press ™ – Pull over Press with Tricep Extension – cool down as we left hand carry to Whoville, Right hand carry back to circle.

Round 5 – Gorilla walk with CB Merkin across the parking lot #crowdpleaser and Done!

Return the gear, announcements – Wed. 0700 convergence at Memorial Stadium

Prayer and out!

Always a great way to start the morning pushing ourselves at The Castle!

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